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    The Psyentist

      People that poison themselves with alcohol then expect to be looked after the next day when they’re too hungover to get out of bed.


        @The Psyentist 541592 wrote:

        LoL. I think the same. You can be the most articulate person in the world yet when it comes to sex all you can manage is primitive grunts and groans with an intermittent “fuck” here and there.

        Grunts…that only happens in your porn psy :p

        But yeah..its all ‘yeah bitch’ and ‘im gonna pount dat ass fucker’ For once Id like a bloke to turn towards the camara whilst rodgering the lady and say ‘We are have such a nice time!’

        Pat McDonald

          @The Psyentist 541593 wrote:

          old people wearing coats in the sun. that shit pisses me off. If you wear your coat all year long you won’t feel its benefits in winter so of coarse you’ll get pneumonia and freeze to death when it gets cold you fools!

          You must have exceptionally good eyesight. I would have thought people in the sun would be vapourised. It’s very hot in there.

        Viewing 3 posts - 351 through 353 (of 353 total)
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