Free HTML Internet Radio Player

Free HTML Internet Radio Player
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Free HTML Internet Radio Player

The following is a guide to embedding free music from our high definition internet radio station into any web page using a single line of HTML contrary to our existing radio player which uses a combination of HTML5, Javascript and iframes. And while users looking for more advanced features such as multiple channels of audio which listeners can change between dynamically, title and now playing information should certainly look to that code instead. For anyone with an interest in very easy to use code with very wide browser support including most mobile web browsers, this should be the internet radio player for you!

The HTML radio player.

The code you need to make it work.

<audio src=";listen.pls?sid=1" autoplay="true" controls="true"><audio>

Available options.

autoplay: Whether the radio player should start streaming audio immediately or wait for play to be pressed, available options include autoplay=”true” and autoplay=”false”.

controls: Whether controls buttons should be available or not on the radio player UI, available options include controls=”true” and controls=”false”.

muted: Whether audio playback should be muted at launch or not, available options include muted=”true” and muted=”false”.

volume: The volume at which playback should begin at launch in the range 0.0 (silent) to 1.0 (loudest), for example volume=”1.0″.

Change the following port numbers according to the radio channel you want the HTML radio player to use.

For our reggae music channel use port 8000.
For our ambient music channel use port 8056.
For our psychedelic trance music channel use port 8010.
For our drum and bass music channel use port 8004.
For our breakbeat music channel use port 8032.
For our dubstep music channel use port 8040.
For our rap music channel use port 8016.
For our techno music channel use port 8046.
For our pop music channel use port 8024.
For our rock music channel use port 8020.

HTML Radio player web browser support.

Desktop web browser support for audio HTML radio player code.

FeatureChromeFirefox (Gecko)Internet ExplorerOperaSafari
Basic support3.03.5 (1.9.1) [1]
autoplay attribute3.03.5 (1.9.1)
buffered attribute?4.0 (2.0)???
controls attribute3.03.5 (1.9.1)
loop attribute3.011.0 (11.0)
muted attribute?11.0 (11.0)???
played property?15.0 (15.0)???
preload attribute3.04.0 (2.0)9.0(Yes) [2]3.1
src attribute3.03.5 (1.9.1)
volume attribute

Mobile web browser support for audio HTML radio player code.

FeatureAndroidFirefox Mobile (Gecko)IE MobileOpera MobileSafari Mobile
Basic support?1.0 (1.0) [1]???
autoplay attribute?1.0 (1.0)???
buffered attribute?4.0 (2.0)???
controls attribute?1.0 (1.0)???
loop attribute?11.0 (11.0)???
muted attribute?11.0 (11.0)???
played property?15.0 (15.0)???
preload attribute?4.0 (2.0)???
src attribute?1.0 (1.0)???
volume attribute


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