Party Vibe Radio is a Commercial Free High Definition Radio Station

Choose from 10 channels of high definition commercial free internet radio or browse featured artist biographies, lyrics, tracks, videos, podcasts and pictures galleries from our playlist. Everything you find here is available as a sample of what our 26 year old online radio station has to offer. Alternatively meet other listeners in our music forum, or if you’re an artist looking to get promoted send us your music promos and jingles for free airtime now.

Music policy

Our music policy is based around a wide selection of the more popular modern styles including ambient, drum & bass, dubstep, jazz, pop, psychedelic trance, rap, reggae, rock and techno music but we play many others too of course such as country, folk, indie, hip hop and dancehall.

Advertising policy

In the interest of keeping it both clean and simple for our listeners, we don’t allow advertising or commercials of any kind on our radio station at this time.

Radio Player HTML Widgets

Any of you with an interest in embedding our station’s music in a web page might try our free HTML5, JAVA and Flash compatible radio player widgets or our much simpler HTML5 radio player which uses just one line of HTML and works with pretty much all known browsers.

Radio Player

You can listen to any of our commercial free high definition broadcasts using the following internet radio player or visit each of our radio station’s individual player pages under the Listen menu option above and below.

Social Sharing and Embedding

You can social share and embed any of the songs and podcasts on our web site using the icons at the top left of the music player you are listening to. A pop-up player is available also.

Support Us!

You can also share us on Facebook and Twitter towards the top of every page of course. So if you like what we do we encourage you to share our content as much as possible.

Radio Peering Policy

Peering or re-transmitting our internet radio station is welcome on any network although we would definitely like to hear from you if you do as we’re always interested to know what creative uses our content is being put to.

Radio Podcasts

A selection of some of our favorite former online broadcasts is available for replay at any time on our podcasts page.

How many radio listeners does your station have?

Real time audience figures are available for our online radio station are available here however these don’t include any of the stations which relay our radio broadcasts of course. However our radio station had 9 million listeners in 2019.


Our radio station and web site are supported by our partner web site over at Radio Directory.