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    I don’t make a habit of putting out appeals for money but our funds are low at the moment and Party Vibe really needs YOUR help! So please consider making a donation using the crypto-currency of your choice. Every penny goes towards our not inconsiderable running costs…

    Bitcoin: 1HwsyS85ac8A2djNKF7Fqn4B1oMUAjEWuo
    Bitcoin Cash: 1HwsyS85ac8A2djNKF7Fqn4B1oMUAjEWuo
    Ether: 0x2338B33868DE49d0EaD956515C471eC67101A131

    Why should I make a donation?

    Our 20 year old internet radio station exists solely thanks to the generous support of volunteers and benefactors. And YOUR support is essential to it’s ongoing survival so please consider a donation and feel free to post about it below if you want to share the love… Thank you!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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