Ambient Radio Station

Ambient Radio Station
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Ambient Radio Station

This ambient music radio station also plays a wide range of relaxation, meditation and chill out, and is now broadcasting at 320kbs. The station's HTML5 radio player will start playing automatically mobile devices excepted. Now playing information and track times are available below and will update every two minutes. Links for those who prefer to use an external media player are also available.

Ambient radio links: Winamp (.pls), Windows Media Player (.asx) and Apple (.qtl).

About ambient

Ambient music is often intended to induce a sense of calm and relaxation on its listener. It can incorporate elements from many other styles of music and also be quite experimental with the sole intention to enhance a listeners mood or create an atmosphere within an environment. Ambient music is a genre of music that puts an emphasis on tone and atmosphere over traditional musical structure or rhythm. Ambient music is said to evoke an “atmospheric”, “visual”, or “unobtrusive” quality. According to Brian Eno, one of its pioneers, “Ambient music must be able to accommodate many levels of listening attention without enforcing one in particular; it must be as ignorable as it is interesting.” As a genre, it originated in the United Kingdom at a time when new sound-making devices were being introduced to a wider market, such as the synthesizer.

Embed this radio station into any web page using the following HTML

<audio src=";listen.pls?sid=1" autoplay="true" controls="true"><audio>

Available options.

1. Should streaming start immediately, options include autoplay="true" and autoplay="false".
2. Controls available or not, options include controls="true" and controls="false".
3. Should audio playback be muted at launch, options include muted="true" and muted="false".
4. The volume at which playback should begin at launch, range 0.0 (silent) to 1.0 (loudest).


  1. The Virtual Being is an audiovisual installation on the internet, created using computer programming, which using Party Vibe’s Ambient Radio station for it’s sound track. Its code sequentially makes visible a multitude of livestreaming webcams openly connected to the internet, channeled into one or multiple viewports. Access to this website is free of charge. Donations are welcome to help keeping this artwork online and growing.

    Visitor comments

    “This would have been Da Vinci’s dream. To watch people and observe nature as it really is.”

    “Some nights I just sit there with the music playing watching the world.”

    “Honestly, I felt like the guy from ‘Person of Interest’. The nerdy one, not the tough, military trained one.”


  2. Just following up on a submission that we made a few weeks back for the artist Mythos. The new EP is being well received and we hope that you can add tracks to party vibe.

    Mythos – Eros is now available for download below. I hope that you will considering using the EP for your podcast.

    Mythos has been producing electro-acoustic instrumental music for over 20 years enjoying international success including three Top 20 charting Billboard albums (Higher Octave/Virgin/EMI).

    Press release:

    Recent review:

    More info and bio:

    Bob D’Eith
    Adagio Music Inc.

  3. Hello!

    My name is Cecil Purihin and I make extremely weird ambient music as well as trippy beats, where I focus on atmosphere and filling the room with sound. I believe my music would be a perfect addition to your radio show.

    I have several projects that I have recently put out on bandcamp, but I’m going to send the EP I released in May of this year, because it is very special to me. At the time I was dealing with deaths of friends and family as well as a breakup, so I decided to take all these icky feelings and channel them artistically through music and I compiled The Persistence of Sound EP.

    Peace – Cecil

  4. There was a problem with some pages of our station not loading correctly however this has now been fixed.

    “Subject: error 404

    Hello my favorite radio 🙂 why arises this error? I wish you to cope with it. With best wishes for your excellent radio. Good luck to you.”

  5. Your bug reports are important if you ever have a problem with our web site or radio please be sure to let us know just like the following person did…

    “I already contacted you guys. I can not find the way to become member on your site. Wen I click the register button it bring me bac to where I was and I dont see any choices to register.

    André C.”

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