Make a Donation: Keep the Vibe Alive!

Make a small donation today and help to keep the vibe alive!

For 26 years Party Vibe has relied exclusively on the good will of volunteers and the support of it’s users for much needed donations to keep it going. As always we encourage you to make a small donation in order to help to maintain the web site I know we all love so much…

Ways in which you can make a contribution include a direct cash payment through PayPal, making a crypto-currency donation for the more technically or privacy minded among us or by donating any spare computer CPU time you have available, simply by browsing to a special page we’ve built and keeping it open (see below).

Paypal: –

Bitcoin: 1HwsyS85ac8A2djNKF7Fqn4B1oMUAjEWuo
Bitcoin Cash: 1HwsyS85ac8A2djNKF7Fqn4B1oMUAjEWuo
Ethereum: 0x2338B33868DE49d0EaD956515C471eC67101A131

Having made a donation, feel free to tell us about it here if you want to…

Thank you!

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