5.5 Million Listeners in 2020

5.5 Million Listeners in 2019

As always I would like to highlight the ongoing working curating our 10 channels of music, and we hope you’ve enjoyed the music you’ve been hearing on our station this past year, as we continue to strive for quality in each of the different genres and playlist we host.

Now on to some audience figures for 2020. Our 23rd year in internet radio broadcasting!

So once again the figures for our radio station listener audience for the last 12 months are in. This time around 2020 was a less fruitfull year for us in terms of listener numbers, although those who did tune, did so more often and for stayed connected for longer which is a sign of improved quality. So what can we attribute this drop in figures to, well changes in browser support for our web based player, with all the major browsers moving to SSL content only to which we adapted a little late was a factor, problems TuneIn.com have been have in the UK with the broadcasting rights organisation there is another, what’s more Shoutcast.com’s directory was also broken for large parts of the year, leading us to loose some traffic. Regardless our platform is as strong as ever we look forward to new renewed audience gains this year hopefully.

Regardless please feel free to post any feedback you have below. Thank you!

Thank you all so much for your support!

Total sessions: 5,580,251
Unique listeners: 1,526,141
Unique countries: 234
Average listening time: 13.8 minutes
Total listener minutes: 77,244,456
Total listening hours: 1,287,407
Total data transfer: 252.3 TB
Average data transfer: 47.4 MB

Top Countries by Listener Sessions:

1. Germany
2. United States
3. Russian Federation
4. France
5. United Kingdom
6. UAE
7. Canada
8. Japan
9. Switzerland
10. Poland

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