About our 23 year old high definition internet radio station

About our 23 year old high definition internet radio station

Party Vibe is a commercial free high definition internet radio station originally launched 23 years ago on the 8th December 1997. During the early days of internet radio we first started experimenting with Icecast streaming, then quickly moved to Live365’s hosted radio platform. Many years later however after having been off air for a long period of time. We were able to start broadcasting again using Shoutcast on dedicated hardware and have ultimately grown to the level of a high definition internet radio station with more than 5.25 million listeners in 2016.

Music policy

Our internet radio station currently plays host to 10 channels of streaming audio covering the following musical styles: ambient, breakbeat, drum & bass, dubstep, pop, psychedelic trance, rap, reggae, rock and techno music.

Advertising policy

We don’t allow advertising or commercials of any kind on our radio station.

Promos, jingles and station idents

Party Vibe radio welcomes all your music promos, jingles and station idents for free cross promotion purposes. Send us your music promos for free airtime.

Radio Player HTML Widgets

Any of you with interest in adding our station’s music to your web pages can now embed our free HTML5, JAVA and Flash compatible radio player widgets.

Can I peer your streams on my network?

Peering or re-transmitting our internet radio station is welcome on any network although we would definitely like to hear from you if you do as we’re always interested to know what creative uses our content is being put to.

How many listeners does your station have?

Real time audience figures are available for our internet radio station are available here.


Our radio station and mobile browser app are powered by Radio Directory.

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March 18, 2020 7:21 pm

Hi Party Vibe,
I love your radio stations. You are awesome.

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