8 Million Listeners in 2018

8 Million Listeners in 2018

First a belated happy new year to all our listeners. We hope this year turns our to be great year for you all! One thing to mention quickly before we move on, is the huge amount of work that was put into curing the play lists of all our stations over the last 12 months. An effort that easily went to the tune of 5 thousand or more hours. Such that we’re currently really pleased with the quality of all the music being played on our stations indeed and we hope you are too… Finally however, a quick mention for the broken web site radio player problems of the last couple of months which we’re actively working to fix with the support staff of our theme. Regardless we’re really sorry for the inconvenience and please do bear with us while we get it fixed. Still we recently put an alternative player on every station page and there are plenty of links to third party players available as well.

Now on to some audience figures for 2018. Our 21st year in internet radio broadcasting no less

The figures for our radio station audience of the last 12 months are in. And yes 2018 was yet another good year for our station with more than 7.8 million listeners (!) tuning into at one time or another, which accounts for an increase of 800 thousand more listeners over the previous year.

Thank you all so much for your support!

Total sessions: 7,790,108
Unique listeners: 2,240,902
Unique countries: 236
Average listening time: 12.4 minutes
Total listener minutes: 96,509,619
Total listening hours: 1,608,493.65
Total data transfer: 212.1 TB
Average data transfer: 28.6 MB

Top Countries by Listener Sessions:

1. United States
2. Germany
3. Russian Federation
4. United Kingdom
5. France
6. Poland
7. Canada
8. Mexico
9. Ukraine
10. Brazil

Top Agents by Listener Sessions:

1. Mozilla
2. Winamp
3. BASS Audio
4. Lavf
5. Dalvik
6. MTA:SA Server
7. Apple iPhone
8. stagefright
9. Apple iTunes

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