Electronic music playlist update 10.2016

We’ve completed a huge refresh of the playlist of our electronic music radio channel today. This update accounts for no less than 55% new tracks added to the existing playlist and goes across a very wide variety of music styles. A list of the many record labels we’d like to thank for their dedication, amazing talent, trust and having so kindly shared their hard work with us goes as follows in no particular order. As always send us your tunes for free airtime on our 18 year old high definition internet radio station…

Flamingo Recordings
Beesound RecordingsBuena Onda Records
Disco Galaxy Records
Evolve Records
Black Caviar
Nene Music
Pure Level
Adult Sounds
Dubkraft Records
Alpha Milk Recordings
Dacru Records
Abora Recordings
Energun Records
Moda Records
RDL47 Records
Abora Chillout
Elastic Gun
Plastic Pepella Records
Bequem Digital
Soviet Recordings
Big Vision
Xtra Life
Shamania Pro
Purelevel Records
Royal Ravers
Subliminal Records
Soltrenz Records
Red Stick Recordings
Strictly Rhythm
Black Caviar Records
Housepital Records
Deeptown Music
Piko Music Deep
Fobia Records
Ego Lab Music
Zero2Fifty Group
React Music Promo
Flumo Recordings
React Records
Media Records
Gun Records
432 Hertz Records
Dark & White Records
Somn’thing Records
Prediction Recordings
Smart Phenomena Records
Deevu Records
Way Up Records
We Records
Suro Records
SouthSide Recordings
RM Records
Bonerizing Records
Voyager Records
Fingers Crossed Records
OneSun Records
RV Records
Betty Beats Records
Blackpoint Records
Art & Music Records
PM Recordings BV
TP Recordings
Fanthoms Records

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