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      I think people should learn to think in context, jokes are jokes and sumtimes they sparks a bit but that what jokes is about to take some air out of serious subjects and get some light/laughter out of it, or it all will be too gloomy or dark and sinister…laugh, damn it! do not forget that!

      General Lighting

        in the context of modern London though the problem with that joke isn’t even that its “dark humour”, its just a bit old/outdated! – My parents generation of hippies were in hyde park saying stuff like that (there is even monty python sketches about it from that era) and its not even that valid for modern English society, despite its many other faults. Plus its difficult trying to “make people laugh” when their kids might be serving in “iraqistan” etc..

        Mre importantly where nigboat is he is competing with loads of people already doing heavy political stuff, and the other side of British “free speech” is folk just ignore stuff they disagree with so if he wants to get a funny video will have to be more subtle 馃槈


          So i got an add off fb and didn’t know who it was tbh so just assumed they were someone at the party i was at but no they weren’t LOL

          • suuuuuuup! thanks for the other night 馃檪25 minutes ago 路
          • Thanks for the night? Wow didn’t know i was the creator of ze night 馃榾
            23 minutes ago
          • you got me alcohol duuuude course you were haha!16 minutes ago 路

          • What day was this BTW and where? hahaaahaha14 minutes ago 路
          • and you told me to add you on facebook hence why i did haha im not just some randomer dont worry! it was new years eve i think you were realllly fucked but yeah you got me alcohol 馃檪
            13 minutes ago

          • I thought it was but which shop? fucking hell i keep remembering stuff from that day was i shouting with a megaphone?12 minutes ago 路 Like 路 1
          • yeah it was so funny! you were shouting ‘happy new year leah and hope are the only leah and hopes in the world happy new year’ cause i was with someone called hope haha and she shop next to nick nacks
        Viewing 3 posts - 51 through 53 (of 53 total)
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