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    i can’t read it.


    It’s changed days bzd542. alot people arent necessarily after a ‘pleasurable’ drug experience nowadays, many lean towards the ‘how fucked up one can get for how little’ and K can work really well in that way. (or did – before the shortage)

    Just take the binge drinking culture today as an example, and compare it to 20 – 30 yrs ago. seems to be a similar mentality towards recreational drug use for alot of people.

    I’ve done oxycontin before (meant to be similar to good H) and as nice as it was, I would still choose indian K over it. not entirely sure why, just would! 😉


    ^^ yeah also many people do k first time and get too fucked up for what they’re used to and hate it but seasoned users with high tolerances love it – compare a 1st time k user to a 13 year old downing a small bottle of whiskey with someone older whose been drinking for years


    has this been hacked??


    1st time i did brown i was on md and stims for like 2 days and only smoked a wee bit and it was totally nuts, cant see how anyone is saying its shit and does fa unless theyre stuff is fake or very cut, me and a m8 nodded out completely, no sickness at all, woke up 8 hours later like wtf? still feelin good, next time did it with k and it was unreal, like proper unexplainable insane visuals that i couldn’t even begin to describe,

    though to be fair we did take cyclizine which is a very strong anti-histamine used to potentiate the nod and general effect


    Heroin is the best of the opiates imo, pain meds aren’t the same, but like with any other drug it’s best to treat it with respect. Great for comedowns… Class A itching powder without allergy pills though 😛


    Heroin holds no appeal whatsoever to me. I grew up watching people tear pretty much everything apart because of it, and now in my adult life every heroin addict I know fits exactly the same profile, and it certainly aint a place I want to be. I’m not saying the you’ll be addicted to heroin forever and sell your nan if you ever try it, I’m just saying that for me, the risk of something doing that to me is too big for any high at all, especially as I’m very happy with what the drugs I’m into at the moment give me. Call it closed minded or whatever, but I just never want to touch it.


    to be fair there isn’t really a heroin scene where im from, you wouldnt see heroin addicts on the streets or anything, its never even spoken about really, and i have never known anybody who has been addicted to it properly, but from my personal experience i think good coke 50%+ is alot more instantly addictive but i understand that its in the “moreish” way, and not the way that heroin grips ahold of your life, but i beleive that i can control it as i dont have a constant supply of it and plus k + nodding out is insane, its a different form of trippping, i was seeing animals etc places that didnt exist and it was honestly one of the most beautiful experiences ive ever had
    so anytime i do get strong opiates such as H or oxys i always make sure to have k and a few diazes always come in helpful too

Viewing 8 posts - 51 through 58 (of 58 total)

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