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    @Lt Luna 412460 wrote:

    He could be a copper in disguise trying to get down with the kids???

    Surely he just trying to wind people up?

    If not his whole persona is odd? I can’t work it out. You say he is stupid but he can come out with some interesting things. He just can’t express himself like a normal (I hate that term, but I can’t come up with anything else right now) person.

    I know a lot of interesting people who are stupid. :crazy_dru


    @harr!et 412408 wrote:

    oh no.. i’m not 😛 spend too much of my life studying nothing but science.
    but when i was thinking about it, that was the turning point. that no fair god would let someone destroy another person because they don’t have the right. it just doesn’t seem right.

    Lets forget the religons we’ve been thought and go with the god with a purpess for this excistence, look how chimps behave, i seen a program where they were rolling around playing then the dominent male came running in really angry and excited (a gorilla in size to the rest) they wer’nt interested, he made them get up took four of em with him, found the chimp that had wondered onto there turf and beat it near to death, the film crew said it wouldnt get very far in that condition,
    The one in twenty take control, with us its the ruthless who take over we let them because were not interested, we seem to have been the most inteligent yet, maybe theirs another spechies is to come, do we get angry with god for wiping out the dinorsors or just call it the way of the world?


    @manaman 412462 wrote:

    Finally shit your butt plug did ya?

    Who found this bad? He has’nt stopped smiling


    @p0ly 412414 wrote:



    The older generation IME are generally more sexist, racist and ageist.

    we are a bunch of loosers half way to death….that takes it toll…when you get older you find it easier to blame all the others than ur own sad ass….


    you then

Viewing 5 posts - 51 through 55 (of 55 total)
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Forums The Vibe Chat has anton chigurh a point?