• Have you people ever tried to combine your know how and produce something?

  • manaman replied to the topic The BAD Vibe Thread! in the forum Chat 7 years, 4 months ago

    @thelog 488461 wrote:

    Feel free to post any negativity and here, so that you don’t contaminate any other threads with your bad vibes. :wink:Good vibes to you

    What a great idea, you seem a really nice guy

  • manaman replied to the topic WE LOVE NIGBOAT in the forum Chat 7 years, 4 months ago

    It’s horrible, most people struggle with the no sex no drinking and no eating between sunrise and sunset, all i want to do is get thick with people, is that really so bad

  • manaman replied to the topic WE LOVE NIGBOAT in the forum Chat 7 years, 4 months ago

    So am i, it was suppossed to read ‘ and the only thing i’ll pass through you is a look’. You suggested people’s posts should come through me to check if it’s safe before they post anything, and if you ever did, i would look straight through you.
    I’ve started ramadam today, so i cant get angry or abuse anyone until the 19th august. God love you after that

  • manaman replied to the topic WE LOVE NIGBOAT in the forum Chat 7 years, 4 months ago

    @thelog 488456 wrote:

    Well we will make sure to run everything past you in the future. : )

    If you cop it straight away, how can it be hindsight? And the only think i’ll pass through you is a look

  • I read recently that the American health board have come up with a new way of establishing if you have hiv, if any abnormal proteins are found in you they’ll put you on ‘anti vetro viral drugs’? It could be TB or any number of things, i’ll look for it and try and post it, if i cant i’ll give the info for someone to get it and put it up here

  • manaman replied to the topic WE LOVE NIGBOAT in the forum Chat 7 years, 4 months ago

    Daftfader, i didnt know his age until G.L said it tonight, he sounded mid 20s. But when i read moonies post my chest sunk and i thought, this not good, and as it escalated i thought shit. But thankfully it seems to have passed without incident and hopefully they have or can meet in a club or wherever without further ado

  • manaman replied to the topic UK Thoughts on Americans in the forum Chat 7 years, 4 months ago

    @sungazer 487295 wrote:

    In general? More puritanical and uptight than Europeans, irrationaly god-fearing and anti-science (or even common sense). Very militaristic and biased towards their armed forces, and reluctant to concede they ever get things wrong or willing to think about things from anothers point of view. Pretty arrogant about their…

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  • If the sausages are connected would’nt only two of them have one end, and shergar didnt disappear, he went missing, and no i didnt know that about woodlice, ‘cheeselogs’, it makes sense, and no cows dont like being milked, if they feel hate they would hate us for it.

  • Thank you, im about to do something crazy and scary again, and as i refuse to pray, i appreciate that, so thank you again. But at least i’ll die with a sense of humour.

    You swore blind last year that there was nothing dangerous about taking heroine, you even went on other forums to advocate it when you did’nt like the responses you got here, or…[Read more]

  • manaman replied to the topic WE LOVE NIGBOAT in the forum Chat 7 years, 4 months ago

    I never spoke to the guy, but i had read some of his posts and when i read moonies ‘attention whore’ post, i new that was a stupid thing to do and so should have everyone of you.

  • I used to listen to them when they were on resonance fm, some of their shows were near genius. Any idea what their at lately?

  • On the one law that i could pass that would improve societies behaviour, it would be this; ramadam starts friday, i would move it the 1st of november, have it last until mid december, when uni students break up, and on top of ramadam style (minus the prayers, its not about religion) i would have tv broadcasting, radio and pubs shut down during…[Read more]

  • He’s the judge that instead of dropping the hammer, he’d tap your jaw with a nuckleduster come 1.2Mv tazer. Time served when you wake up.

  • Nigboat

  • Hope some people call around and you end up with a party, have your girl get home around 4am to full on rave.

  • Meritocrocy for fuck sake, how far do you think we’d get.
    Let’s say poly was a magistrate, and a skaghead comes up before him, ‘oh there’s nothing wrong with that fella’, and then a cannabis user comes up, BANG! Take this fucker down, getting articulate in here you cunt. It would’nt work

  • manaman replied to the topic Donna Summer Deaded in the forum Chat 7 years, 6 months ago

    @General Lighting 480175 wrote:

    I didn’t realise she was unwell (as she lived a relatively clean living lifestyle) = as well as the usual places she even managed to get an obituary on Catholic Online – originally she started out as a gospel singer in church (a lot of my extended family in Malaysia still do this).

    She had a coke induced breakdown in…[Read more]

  • There is a wolf pack mentality from a few on here alright. Take the way princess (a giddy, harmless kind of eejit) was spoken to, not right.

    And that ‘suspect

    is the police’, stops alot of people going any further than one post on here. Some might say it’s their own fault for not reading the tread, but the same people that say this will reply to…[Read more]

  • Of course all this can be avoided by punching yourself in face the next time you catch yourself trying to learn turkish from reading the ingredience on the back of a packet of noodles whilst standing in the middle of a corner shop with your can of lager melting on the counter

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