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    @The Psyentist 542923 wrote:

    You do man, how long before me did you create this account? I’m only 2000 posts behind you, get a move on

    13 months ago I changed my name and posted in a spam thread and one of the old mods deleted ALL my posts and banned my account. Which also came with bad timing of Dr B uploading Gigs an gigs of new downloads so it was not really an option to roll back the servers. So I lost 3k posts from that. Also I on’t exactly post that much anyway. I’m a bit lazy TBH.

    Have you never noticed that you see no threads or posts from me more than a year old??? Obviously not…..

    AvatarGeneral Lighting

    @leveret 544060 wrote:

    and introvertness don’t exclude you from unexpectedly getting close to amazing people who it turns out you’ve been meeting for years at old parties … just not necessarily in public but i like if friends share about their lives 🙂 {{{p0ly}}}

    both myself and leveret used to live in the same town and party in the same crowds but I’ve found it easier to chat about stuff with him via this site than at loud noisy parties especially when I’ve been caught up with other things (as I used to be part of certain crews)…..

    incidentally there do seem to be stereotypes that a lot of folk like DJ’s, event organisers, and for that matter police officers and security operatives are always extroverts due to the nature of their occupations. That is not always the case, many are a lot more introverted (especially detectives, CCTV operators etc) but that doesn’t mean they are recluses and won’t socialise or act as part of society…


    @p0ly 544053 wrote:

    Well if you have that attitude no never. Great thing is pretty much EVERYONE has it in them. I notice a fair bit of low self esteem issues from peeps on this site, i never got that way of thinking. i fukin love my life and myself… like if i was a proper wanker i czn see why id be introverted with low self esteem cos id know i was nothing to be proud of.

    Its a mistake to think everyone wants to be extroverted or see the world in the same way as you (maybe thats not what your doing its more of a hypothetical point). Your a nice guy and I like you a lot so don’t get me wrong but I would not want to be like you in the slightest. Thats not a slur that’s an observation that people are different and its the difference that makes society so great and something that should be enjoyed.

    We need introverts, we need extroverts, we need it all. But to expect people to be something they are not, even if at times it can make society difficult to live in for them, is not wise.

    You say your life consists of “epic friends love and parties”. My life consists of being married to the woman I have loved for 10 years; living in a sleepy village trying to find a job so I can have a house and kids. I would not swap for all the money in the world, and I doubt you would either.

    Good to see your enjoying yourself mate


    @barrettone 544057 wrote:

    I agree with most of the sentiment of this post, but on the introvert thing, I don’t think it’s bad to be introverted. It’s not the same thing as being shy. It’s more to do with spending some time alone whereas extroverts do not enjoy it as much/prefer to do it less often/for less time.

    But other than that tbh it’s all about having a good time.

    Was gonna post something similar but you beat me to it. I’ll just post this vid instead as it pretty much sums up how I feel about introversion/extroversion…


    i wish i’d had p0ly’s outgoing energy when i was younger but, although sociable, a kind of introvert interests and energy (and shyness) kept me a virgin instead 🙂 still i found out how in the end :love:. these days though i got families and job to keep me busy.

    p0ly’s an open and honest bloke 🙂 i’m more cautious, i think i’d be circumspect bout revealing other people’s involvement, i’d leave it up to them how much they share.
    don’t know if gl was present on the particular reading night i’m thinking of, but i’ve seen grown men from the 3party scene start a bundle on the dancefloor over a woman 🙁

    but anyway yeah like log says happy vibes :bounce_fl and here’s to happy bouncy fun wherever you get it :group_hug


    Lets all have a sing song.


    @leveret 544233 wrote:

    i wish i’d had p0ly’s outgoing energy…

    p0ly’s an open and honest bloke 🙂

    I think its safe to say p0ly is a legend and fun extroverts are most definitely needed in the world. Wish he didn’t live so far away 2bh its a pain, especially back when I was partying.

    “Myself I’d trust him to the end of the Earth,” said Ford.
    “Oh yes,” said Arthur, “and how far’s that?”
    “About twelve minutes away,” said Ford, “come on, I need a drink.”


    @thelog 544349 wrote:

    Lets all have a sing song.

    happy birthday to you…

    it’s the only song that i know that everybody knows innit :weee:

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