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    So, [username] whats the first thing you do when you get up;

    Personally for me:

    – I like to have a good stretch..
    – Brush my teeth violently, (I am somewhat of a Dental Hygiene nut! :wink:)
    – Get dressed
    – Drink LOTS of coffee
    – And finally, drop the kids off at the pool, heh!

    The Psyentist

    I usually open my eyes.


    Have a feeling of annoyance inside me and hope no one pesters me unless I wake up in bed with a beautiful girl then waking up is great… true story.

    I usually after a few minutes of laying in bed wishing the world would go away I start feeling normal and normally have my laptop beside me 99% of the time. I reach for it and come online.

    I find it funny to write a long annoying fb status before i sleep to try and provoke some responses but usually it fails due to it being failbook and the people not wanting to get an essay asswhooping from me.


    Coffee. Strong, strong coffee.


    @Chrispydelic 509767 wrote:

    Coffee. Strong, strong coffee.

    damn worst one is when i used to have shedloads of k on me at all times a few years ago… i wouldn’t leave my bed until after a few lines! just saw some thread gl posted about a linesman getting killed haven’t viewed the thread as of yet but i guess you could have called me ‘the linesman’ back then.


    A standard monday to friday is wake up about 8 and roll a joint and watch bbc1, after about 20 mins stick the kettle on and some reggae then some sausages in the oven and bun my j. then about 5 to 9 walk down the road to work 🙂


    Fart loudly, stretch and wonder if the days work routine will be just as boring as yesterdays.


    I pray to the Sun God

    Winston Smith

    Tea or Coffee and BBC News. Wild I know.


    Usually don’t do much as I stay in bed till the last minute and don’t even have time for breakfast!


    i check the victims haven’t escaped


    Depends where i’m staying but some places i get breakfast in bed, it’s epic man… WIN being me


    look out the window hoping it had rained during the night so i can splash in puddles with my wellies that i went to bed with the night before.

    Tank Girl

    Sat & Sun- grab glass of water next to my bed, drink lots, fall back to sleep, get woken up by hungry cat smacking me in the face, feed cat, go back to sleep, thankful I don’t have children

    Mon to fri- up, washed and out

    Pat McDonald

    Depends. On a really bad day it will be like “Shit… that was the dream, this is the nightmare again”.

    On a really good day it will be like “Where am I? And who is this curled up next to me?”

    This time of year, it’s kind of a questing game to see if I can get dressed without getting frost burns. Keeps me quick though.

    Playground Politics

    sadistic masturbation…or breakfast

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Forums The Vibe Chat First thing you do when you wake up?