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Pat McDonald

@barrettone 538329 wrote:

The crusades, slavery, colonialism, Spanish Inquisition, thirty years war, etc.

Both sides have done some awful shit. Usually in the name of power and political gain, just using the tools most appropriate at the time.

As for your point on Saudi Arabia, this is true, but I know a few people who come from other muslim families in the Middle East who are viewed inferior in their families and society due to being a woman.

I stand by my post. There is no evidence that Atheism – the complete denial of any non-material existence in spite of any scientifically gathered evidence- is a gateway to a better physical world. On the contrary, it’s even more of a dead end than religion.

Do we have to quote body bag figures at each other, recite passages from The Killing Fields or similar nonsensical childish proofs?

Atheists are persecuted by the some of the religious, and the religious are persecuted by some atheists. Both sides think theirs is the only possible truth.