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    Andy Why

      :bounce_ci Well I’ve introduced myself a little. Now I want something from you lot. I’m doing last year of BA at college and my professional project is going to be an Old Skool magazine – so I want to know several things.
      * Feasibility – how much demand there would be for such a magazine. Let me know if you would buy one, or at least nick it from newsagent.
      * What sort of interesting articles you lot would like to read (in addition to usual interviews / reviews etc).
      * Feedback about other magazines – why you like / dislike certain publications.
      * How far you think I could stretch the Old Skool format. For example, I think covering the free party scene is fine because it harks back to early ethos of DIY fun, and a happy vibe that is truly welcoming to all regardless of dress etc.
      * Anything else you can think of that might help me in producing a quality product for a discerning market (that’s YOU!).

      Apologies if this seems long-winded in non-txt format, but as I said in my introduction I’m Old Skool in more ways than one! Don’t mind if you use txt, though.
      Any help greatly appreciated

      General Lighting

        wow – rave mags themselves are pretty old skool…

        i guess you remember blaze (balze) magazine which was really good (when it didn’t overdo the typography effects and have as many misprints as the grauniad (presumably because the sub-editors couldn’t read the content!), and its counterpart Eternity which was OK but ended up becoming a bit too much like FHM style before it folded

        I think the “old skool” format may be a bit self-limiting, and end up with your mag being pitched towards 30+ ex-ravers rather than “new blood” – IMO too much of a nostalgia mag, a bit like “This England” or a Torygraph inner supplement for the rave scene (ugh, what a thought!)

        I would think a “new lifestyle” magazine would be good, something that took into account all decent forms of urban music (i.e not those which advocate violence or misogyny like grime) and promoted positive lifestyles without being overly politically correct (i.e if you did agony aunt columns to do something like bring a couple back together rather than start a battle of the sexes….)

        apart from music I’d like to see technology reviews and DIY tech stuff but written in such a way as to be accessible to those who aren’t full-on techies but not dumbing down everything (I’d be happy to help write such stuff or advise with its editing)

        also interior design using recovered materials….

        a sort of modern “hippy mag” but not too self righteous so your average “chav” youth would still want it..


          No please, carry on typing normally!

          The first obvious thing that springs to mind (which I suppose you’ve thought about already) is that a lot of your content will be associated with the past and you will eventually run out of material…. mind you there seems to be a bit of an old skool revival going on at the moment, plus breaks music seems to be drawing on old skool influences more and more.

          I reckon i’d buy it though. If it was at a reasonable price. Especially if there was a mix cd or some such on the front… either a brand new mix from an old skool legend or a classic mix from the past. Articles about the way the media treated the explosion would be a good one… and I suppose you’d have to mention something about the drugs of the era, good and bad.

          Used to like Eternity…. (second friday of every month!!). There were plenty of others but eternity sticks in my mind as one of the best.


            Relating to what GL was saying, there doesn’t seem to be a mag AFAIK that has a wide view of underground music. Each magazine seems to cover a certain niche element of the dance music scene.


            Damn…. Shouldn’t have posted that. Could have stayed at post 909 for a little while 🙂

            General Lighting

              ISTR eternity sort of ran aground by the late 90s, it tended to be based around the old skool commercial raves. These were heavily targeted and eliminated in some areas by the CJA and the scene split into todays free parties and the superclubs (both of which are still sufferering from government clampdowns)

              the free party crews shunned mainstream publicity (understandably, as it was tantamount to admitting to criminal activity) and the superclubs created their own magazines which helped “bury bad news” such as logistics/customer service problems within the clubs and/or oppressive door staff régimes/the involvement of gangsters.

              Also it was getting a lot harder to put across a positive view of partying by the mid 90s when people were getting sucked into addictive class A use and the scene wasn’t as “innocent” as it once looked.

              but I definitely think the overall positive ethos of eternity and blaze (whilst still running hard-hitting articles) is well up for a revival.

              as for music policy if you covered techno of all kinds, hardstyle, gabba etc (basically the whole spectrum of stuff that storm/project mayhem play!) , breaks, D&B, breakcore (the mad disjointed and sometimes frightening stuff) and of course old skool rave there would be plenty enough for everybody on the underground music scene.

              I consider garage and grime to be commercial music anyway, its obsessed with making money rather than having fun and everyones hungry for fame and money; I might be old fashioned but can’t really see how a music scene which has 5 16 year old kids fighting for the mic to chat about how they are going to kill an entire family and use their rivals bull terrier as an ashtray fits in with the party ethos…


                i think that an underground music and culture mag could go miles…i agree with the others that doing an “oldskool” mag would be an unneeccessary mission, and would have prety limited scope.

                a few times i have thought of taking some of the best threads from partyvibe, presenting them well in a mag format and selling them at fests, but never got anywhere with it. i never had any rave mags, but in my teems i conributed to a few fanzines for indie bands like bis and idlewild. i really like the open-source, diy aspect.

                if you want any articles written, or interveiws conducted ( could do interveiws with rig owners and freeparty/ underground djs annonymously ) im well up for it.

                also the legal side of freeparties, interveiws with police and councilers would be wicked, to give the mag context.

                the man who has covered raves and ascociated activities more than anyone, is tash. check and give him a shout, ive never spoken to him but he seems safe as fuck.

                i really hope you run with this idea, in some form or other, it could be amasing, and im sure you could get lots of contributers ( itake it you are gonna edit). getting published and distribution are missions, but get the mag done, then you can pitch it.

                General Lighting
                  USE wrote:
                  also the legal side of freeparties, interveiws with police and councilers would be wicked, to give the mag context.

                  indeed as a uni project is less likely to increase the risk for anyone else (unless the college themselves refused to allow the controversial content, hopefully this shouldn’t happen at graduate level, although I know of a girl whose a-level project on drugs was vetoed by her college as it would give the place a bad name)

                  if they however refuse to comment then make sure you publish that as well. I have always felt a “no comment” answer from a public sector official is unacceptable; I can understand when they have to protect individuals case details but they should always be prepared to make a public statement (even if only via a press office) as to why a certain decision was made.

                  Andy Why

                    Wow, plenty of feedback making its way in. Thanks for all replies, couldn’t get back to computer until now.
                    Don’t suppose anybody’s got a copy of Blaze or Eternity laying about that they could either sell, or download scans of front page / index page / pages of particular interest.


                      hey hey..

                      i have a few really beat up old copies of eternity that i have kept for sentimental value…

                      i could lend them to you but would like them back… sad i know…


                      magazine sounds wicked, throw in some politics, some eco awareness stuff, a magazine for people that like to be informed, some fun and games but please no pictures f scantily clad ravers… it just makes it so cheesy… there is porn aplenty these days…

                      i;d buy it or subscribe to it and if you need any help with numbers and legal stuff just let me know.



                        Should be going up in the loft sometime soon (which is where all the eternity mags etc are kept) I’ll scan a few pages in and post them up as long as you don’t mind waiting a few days.


                          Man, you have to write a magazine on party drugs. No one ever gets down like they did back in the day. Raves, Free love and hippie shit. When is the last time you have seen some one standing up for something. The sixtie’s where bad ass. Womans rights, the black movement and all of that. Make it on the people man not on the bullshit that most people right about. Look at surfers and then at what people are doing up north. There’s alot of shit people miss. Plus add how to enhance highs of all kinds of drugs. You think I am dumb take a look at how much high times makes. Peace out dude


                            I dug some copies out of the loft in my mum’s home last night. Loads seem to be missing (my mum tends to go on the warpath every now and again and chuck a load of my old stuff out that she thinks is worthless….. I must get a loft installed at mine)

                            Just wanted to know what the copyright laws would be. Could I scan them in and post the pages up here for everybody to read? Or should I just send them to Andy? I’m assumiing GL will be handy with this one.

                            General Lighting

                              thanks for the US perspective from “blue sparrow” / The clan. incidentallly if you are into alternative zines check out (the clan should like it as its US-based as well.)

                              I totally agree with what they say, particularly as in the USA whatever gains the “hippies” made back in the 60s are being eroded and reversed by a conservative backlash – women and minorities continue to be oppressed there….

                              copyright laws unfortunately exist for 50 years after the death of the author, unless they waive their rights or sign them over to the publisher.

                              if the publisher is no longer extant the rights may pass over to whoever has bought them out; however if they have simply gone bust its possible that the intellectual property rights have been abandoned

                              if you just scanned a few pages though though then it could be argued (if anyone ever complained) that this is fair use for historical and journalistic purposes. a whole mag scanned to a readable standard, particularly with early 90s typographic effects is several megabytes of data as well!

                              come to think of it I remember now one of their paid reporters borrowed a very large chunk of one of my Advance Party articles about 10 years ago, so it would be perfectly fair IMO


                                Ok… i’ll get scaning then.

                                Can I host them here H? Or do you want me to use

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