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      Just sorted out my transport to Shambalha and I’m getting increasingly more psyched about it. I see a bunch of you fine folks will be going as well. Here’s to a merry mash up for all ๐Ÿ˜€

      The Psyentist

        Feeling manic! Been hyperactive and in a highly elevated mood for a few days now, feet hurt from involuntarily dancing much of the day and popping my blisters I’d accumulated after walking around 10 miles barefoot the other day.


          I got some interesting post.Some MDAI and MPA Pellets.Each pellet has 50mg MDAI and 100mg MPA.Anything legal with the methylenedioxy bridge as part of its make up is worth a look to me.Anyway,popped on Captain tinrib Omega 3 followed by faithless,God is a Dj and now the Shaman.I popped one and it felt like a bit of an E.So an hour later I popped another. I am quite a fit bloke.Ex army and I have kept up my fitness.My heartbeat usually sits at 50 bpm or just under. I have not let myself go to pot.I am a climber. My bpm is sitting at 120 bpm.Perfectly safe range for me.I pass that when I exercise hard so all is cool. The effects are somewhat lacking from the one and only.However,as a legal alternative when street shit is just shit,I am quite happy.Not sure I like it that much without the music.A bit edgy and speedy.Not much of a surprise really. The two molecules apparently stick to the same receptor so the super imposed overlap looked interesting. I would rather put this in my body than wank,unscrupulous street shit.Small rant there.Apologies. Now for all you people that raise your bpm by chemical means.A henbane seed joint is handy to have in your back pocket.If the heart gets too all over the place with a confused rhythm,a henbane joint relaxes the heart and sets it into a perfect rhythm again.Works for me anyway.I first discovered this when my heart did not like ephedrine as a youngster.I am working out to the shaman,henbane joint ready just incase this compound has some less desirable characteristics.I suggest keeping this plant as a pet and an ally.Very poisonous as is all medicine in the wrong dose.Not all people can do tropanes without toxic effects.I can.It is a personal biochemistry thing.We are all so very different.I use 5 flowers for this purpose but the seed,around 25 are small and very potent.Atropine is also an antidote for nerve gas.I have been studying plants etc my whole life.The only other forum I belong to is a group of spiritualists,witches,druids etc My name on this forum is Old witch.If any of you ever get to a crisis point spiritually or health wise and like me you don’t like doctors much,there is much knowledge to be found there.I am one of the youngest there.Some are in their 70s and you would be very surprised how much of a grasp on universal energy these people have. Peace,love and unity and oneness is what they stand for.WE Tribe.All ages,all inclusive,one common purpose.To love and support.WE don’t go looking for people or recruiting.However if any of you ever get into a dark place and you feel like ending it all.Or if you are just into spiritual journeys.We have lots of good energy and support to give.WE feel it.Not an easy place to be allowed into.You must be vetted by the WE Tribe. If your heart is untrue,WE will know.If your heart is true,WE will support you and give our energy freely. WE are love.WE are warriors too.Old and young alike.Peace,love and unity.

          MC G-Tek

            What a great weekend, got ‘Mandy’ played to a new audience and it seems to have gone down really well, even had it played twice during one show, result!


              Life is good. Remember that, when you think things are getting bad. Remember, they could always be worse.


                ive been having manic highs. do yours elevate your mood too? then i go down into a depression, usually later in the day.


                  Was just sitting eating crisps and a tooth fell out ( I hate the dentist ) I remember enduring the pain some time ago
                  Bless that molar, we went through a lot together

                  General Lighting

                    not normally up this early, especially on a day off but parcel man arrived around 08:30 with the new UPS (he struggled a bit with it and its only a 450W model at 10kg!), as well as another solid state drive for my music and video.

                    I also managed to get the decommisioned NAS from work which is way better (synology but only has single drive slot) but it uses 5A at 12V (60W) on its own hence why I needed another UPS (this will serve for all the drives and some of the smaller audio kit). Last night I was at 50% load on the main one, and I can’t plug the audio kit into the telephone exchange UPS as its battery does not last very long at all (plus its in the roofspace and I would need to get in there to connect it)

                    it is currently charging its accus, I want to check the power output quality with a trafo and scope but probably should call my mum and/or some folk at work to let them know I’m working on 230V mains (I live alone so if I get sparked it might not immediately be noticed) – as it is I waited until my second coffee before going anywhere near the thing (I think that the moderate use of stimulants has saved me from a few shocks in the past ๐Ÿ˜‰ )


                      I just have the most lovely classmates, makes it a joy studying every day <3


                        Happyness1: A computer
                        Especially if everyone in the country your visiting to go to school SUCKS. Music & Internet or one or the other!
                        Happyness2: A great Fastfood place
                        It doensn’t have to be McDonalds or BurgerKing (I miss Switzerland). Mom & Pop fastfood are always the best! : D


                        General Lighting

                          do you not like Asian / Chinese food? Plenty of “Chinese” fast food places where you may be studying; but the menus might not be in a language you understand (even if they are in Chinese its an unusual dialect). Find a friend who is a local native of this country; and you won’t be without food; and they like EDM as well.

                          this “old uncle” (unfortunately now deceased) made this song about the Chinese takeaways; there was a bit of a fuss at first because folk thought it could be “racist”; but a lot of Chinese people from neighbouring Malaysia pointed out that although some of the lyrics are made up “chinese” words, the rest are about food (and he looks like he enjoys eating ๐Ÿ˜‰ )


                            Chinese food is the only country with the sign “No MSG” and you have to tend to ask them if there is MSG. MSG is a substance that makes your stomach feel full when there is less food. This does serious damage biologically. Wasn’t Chinese food vegetarian before Europe arrived? It was only adopted to please Europeans or something like that, I keep on hearing it when the whole “Fortune Cookie” thing is brought up.

                            Also, the country China… trying to be a 1st world country….but their communist? Isn’t Communism about not being dependent on money? Last time I checked, your either 1 or the other. Because life is about one or the other… rules. Theres a Heaven and a Hell, A God and a Satan. It’s like 2 sides to every coin, theres no in between. I mean, for me personally, you become responsible for what you create. The Chinese did invent gun powder and is ultimately responsible for every single modern weapon that humanity is bulding.

                            In the continent Asia’s defense though, Obama (U.S. President) recently followed the China format and opened trade with Cuba, a reward I guess for not relying on trade.

                            I think that if I find another country that has “No MSG” in their food places I would get chinese food. I haven’t seen another place that says “No MSG”, why is that? Is MSG an Asian chemical? I don’t know. Because I worry enough about Calories and such. I can’t wait cause Orange chicken is tasty. Also, my South American friends did introduced me to Pho and Thai Iced Tea/Coffe which is KICKA*S.

                            God’s Judgement Cometh!

                            General Lighting

                              Its not true that all Chinese / Asians were or are vegetarian (although some still are); they do eat meat but normally in smaller quantities than Western diets. In ancient times there were far more tigers and leopards around, so hunting was more hazardous as the hunters are also meat!

                              Asia is big; folk have a lot of varied diets.
                              Even the Dalai Lama from Tibet sometimes eats meat; and his own brother claims that he only would get up early for prayers so he could be first at breakfast..

                              Asians have mostly stopped with putting MSG into everything since the 1980s; they don’t want to get ill either. This stuff still turns up in “Western” food especially cheap snack food. In Europe its the law it should be declared on the label but its hidden” using an e-number. Asians like to put notices on anything that they aren’t using dangerous stuff – this one was from a Japanese satellite-based ships radio even though such a device would only have had asbest in the enclosure in the days of valves/tubes (in case it overheated)


                              Although Chinese and Asian politics doesn’t seem as “free” as the west; the Chinese are not all communists either and some “capitalist” nations like Singapore actually have far more government investment in industry than the UK or the USA. They are increasingly trying to move toward the social democracy which was once commonplace in Europe.

                              In Asia there is also an equal level of Angst amongst both girls and boys about putting on weight via fast food; especially amongst those in their late youth like myself where you are not going to grow any taller but will grow sideways, especially if you also like a beer or two.

                              suddenly moving to an Asian country is a culture shock to anyone from a Western background – including those who are of Asian ancestry! I noticed that when I went to see the rest of my family in Malaysia (who call me the “strange Englishman…”). Feel free to send me a PM if you wish as I might be able to unearth more about whatever Asian country you are currently staying in…


                                On a good note, yesterday I had the opportunity to start promoting for one of my favorite local venues! I hope that everything works out!


                                  Yiiiiiay … PV is still going, There are signs of life here still maybe more but I cannot tell ..
                                  Thank you zion train for making it through the dark ages .. and nice one Ritski for leaving strawberries in the fridge.

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