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    Sorry about not logging on in a few days. I was admitted into the ICU at my hospital with MRSA, (mersa), Pneumonia and given several types of antibiotics through an IV-line drip then moved onto the pulmonary unit floor for the rest of this weekend.
    I am feeling much better now and back on all my regular pain medications and no more poppy tea for me for a while! lol!
    I’m now back home, but still on an IV-drip line via an IV-pole for five more days as I have to complete the remaining of my antibiotics.

    Anyway, I hope you all had a really cool New Years Day!!!

    AvatarGeneral Lighting

    ouch! at least you are alive and recovering. its good to hear that in spite of what is often said about American health and social care, wherever you are there are folk who care about helping out a sick person over and above making a profit.

    Although in our country and the rest of Europe you would have also been treated well, there may not always be the resources for you to recover at home immediately available and you could even end up at temporarily the “old peoples home” for age 80-100, and only after recovering to a certain level are you let back home. Especially if you had the “harder” pain medications, this is so you can’t hoard or divert them.

    BTW though many Americans say our healthcare system in England and Europe is “socialist”, this isn’t true. Its a mixed public and private sector system (the mix does vary depending which political parties are in power). I work as an engineer for a private healthcare organisation which runs old peoples homes (I fix computers, telephones and other stuff sometimes including medical equipment) and our patients are funded by both the NHS and their families through private contributions.


    Oh wow, sorry to hear about your predicament! Hope you are ok, and good to hear that you managed to get treated! Wish you a speedy recovery so you can get back to some train hopping!


    I’ve really never heard anyone talk about Europe’s healthcare situation over here, but Canada has a fairly good set up, too.
    Thanks for the best of health wishes! I do appreciate them!

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    It’s good to know you’re on the mend! 🙂


    Get well soon shoey, you absence didn’t go unnoticed on here BTW. I thought that maybe you were doing some crazy train hop and had no internet to be honest.


    Welcome back brother, glad to hear your healing up well.

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