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      I’m bored and I just got this email….

      > Date: Mon, 1 Sep 2008 21:47:41 -0400
      > Subject: Winning Notification ! (Confirm Receipt )
      > From:
      > Dear lucky winner,
      > We happily announce to you the draw (1068) of the UK NATIONAL LOTTERY,
      > online Sweepstakes International program held on 1st of September 2008.
      > Your e-mail address attached to ticket number: 56475600545188 with Serial
      > number 5368/02 drew the lucky numbers:07-10-22-24-34-44 (Bonus number 18),
      > which subsequently won you the lottery in the 1st category i.e, match 6.
      > You have therefore been approved to claim a total sum of £2,532,137 (Two
      > million, Five hundred and Thirty Two Thousand, One Hundred and Thirty
      > Seven pounds sterling) in cash credited to file XYC /26500460037/08. This
      > is from a cash prize of £2,532,137 (Two million,Five hundred and Thirty
      > Two Thousand, One Hundred and Thirty Seven pounds sterling) obviously to
      > be taken by you, as the only winner in this category i.e. Match 6.All
      > Participants were selected through a computer ballot system drawn from a
      > pool of over 25,000 names of distinguished professionals drawn from
      > Europe, America,Asia, Australia,New Zealand, Middle-East, parts of Africa,
      > and North & South America as part of our international promotion.
      > Be further advised to maintain the strictest level of confidentiality
      > until the end of proceedings to circumvent problems associated with
      > fraudulent claims. This is part of our precautionary measure to avoid
      > double claiming and unwarranted abuse of this program.To file for your
      > claim, fill the winner verification form below and forward to the
      > fudiciary agent immediately via email.
      > Agents Name:Smith Stanford
      > Phone: +447031926694 Fax: +44702407235
      > Full Name……….
      > Contact Address….,
      > Nationality……….
      > Sex………. .
      > Tel/FaxNumber………………….
      > Name of Next of Kin……………
      > Once again congratulations…
      > Cordially,
      > Sir George Arisson
      > Online Co-ordinator

      So I thought I’d see what I can do.

      Anyway so I’ve decided I am Richard Alderman, Elm House, 10-16 Elm Street, London, WC1X 0BJ…thats the head of the Serious Fraud Office and the address for reporting serious fraud.

      Now I just need to some how get him to send me a contact address and a letter detailing my massive win to that address.


        You know, I won the UK National Lottery a couple of years ago, too. I got this very email and then for some reason, I was never able to claim my prize. Go figure.


          I was send this one too :you_crazy


            Who would have thought we would have so many lucky winners on one site!!! :weee:


              There is a site into scam baiting….. have a gander mate as you might get some inspiration from them :laugh_at:

              Welcome to the 419 Eater


                Yeh I’ve told him I’m seriously injured and would need to hire an agent to arraneg the exchange of funds and can pay an advance of £10k.

                Hopefully I can get him to send a stamped addressed envelope to the serious fraud ofice for me to “return with the cheque”.


                  Without a doubt, my favorite part of the letter:

                  > Participants were selected through a computer ballot system drawn from a
                  > pool of over 25,000 names of distinguished professionals”

                  Nice. I’m not making any value statements about you guys, but having received this letter, I can confidently say that the “pool of over 25,000…distinguished professionals” may be somewhat polluted. 😉


                    scam baiting is long just send him a signed photo of your dick and balls


                      “Dear Sir,

                      We received your reply to our notification letter concerning your lottery winnings. We’ll be happy to use the form of identification you sent along with your letter. Please affix a self addressed, stamped, envelope and leave it in the post box at prize headquarters and just leave everything to us. We know how to handle these things.

                      Sir George Arrison”


                        It’s amazing/depressing* just how many people fall for this type of crap 🙁

                        *delete as applicable

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