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      Aplogies if this has already been posted, i havnt been on here for a while, but thought everyone should be aware of this, it was sent to me in an email today:::


      Apologies for the distribution to everybody, but this petition needs support
      from everybody who cares about any form of live music and/or performance.
      Frankly, it’s disgraceful – particularly points such as e and f below.



      ”The Government have recently passed laws in the UK to try and suppress
      live music and dance. Pubs which could previously offer work to solo singers
      or duos now have to pay for a special licence and can only have 12 of these
      per year. Even school Xmas concerts need to be licensed.

      If you don’t know there is a UK government web site where anyone can now
      start a petition and that’s what is being done. we’ve just received the
      following email which explains things more clearly and gives the site
      address . If you care about keeping music live please take the time to sign
      the petition.

      Subject: Music/Licensing Laws – Official Downing Street petition

      Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2007 12:36:37

      Please circulate

      The live music/licensing e-petition now has nearly 4550 signatures. It
      currently stands at no.17 in the list of 1,702 petitions on the Number 10

      This is good, especially in just under a month – and there are five more
      months in which people can sign. (CLOSING DATE: 11 June 2007). But the
      petition needs to do much better to make an impression on ministers, and to
      encourage DCMS to implement music-friendly amendments.

      The petition is for everyone, not just musicians. Please consider signing if
      you haven’t already done so. If you have signed, encourage friends to sign.

      Points to remember about the new legislation:

      a.. The unlicensed provision of even one musician is a potential criminal
      offence (although some places are exempt, including places of public
      religious worship, royal palaces and moving vehicles). Max penalty:
      £20,000 fine and six months in prison.

      b.. The rationale is to prevent noise, crime and disorder, to ensure public
      safety, and the protection of children from harm.

      c.. But broadcast entertainment, including sport and music, is exempt – no
      matter where, and no matter how powerfully amplified.

      d.. In the transition to the new regime, bars with jukeboxes, CD players etc
      were automatically granted a license to play recorded music; but their
      automatic entitlement to one or two musicians was abolished.

      e.. For the first time, private performances raising money for charity are

      f.. School performances open to friends and family are licensable – they
      count as public performances.

      g.. Under the old regime all premises licensed to sell alcohol for
      consumption on the premises were automatically allowed up to two live
      musicians (the ‘two in a bar rule’).

      h.. In December, DCMS published research confirming that about 40% of these
      have lost any automatic entitlement to live music as a result of the new

      ‘Very few establishments that wanted a new license were denied it, and many
      who were previously limited to 2-in-a-bar now have the ability to stage
      music with 2 or more musicians… This contrasts, of course, with the fact
      that 40% of establishments now have no automatic means of putting on live
      music (i.e. they would have to give a TEN).’

      [‘Licensing Act 2003: The experience of smaller establishments in applying
      for live music authorization’; December 2006′, paragraphs 6.1.1 and 6.1.2
      ‘Conclusions’, p54; Caroline Callahan, Andy Martin, Anna Pierce, Ipsos-MORI]

      ‘TEN’ stands for Temporary Event Notice – in effect a temporary
      entertainment licence. Only 12 are allowed per premises per year. They cost
      £21 each. See the full MORI reports on this site:…ec_summary.htm

      link to sign petition is here..

      I know this if for England and Wales at the moment but how long before we
      get hit with something like this too in Scotland. This applies to everyone.

      Thanks everyone. Please email this to everyone you know, post it on other
      forums, myspce it, whatever you can do.”

      Thanks for any support.

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          cool, at least everyones on it :)raaa


            do you have permission to use that badger smiley, miss mushed?

            /me slaps miss mushed with a £2000 fine

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