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    mr tom

    Norfolk is an awsome place for raves and parties and its wank cus right when i started to get in to that sort of thing the police cracked down and instead of a rave every weekend you get the odd one on bank holidays. we need more haha


    stop trashing police cars….wait not u….just people….in general…..well actually that guy in the youtube video in one on the norfolk raves…..well actually anybody who thinks vandalism would be fun…….well actually just these two……….



    im so glad that picture came out big to get my point through


    mr tom

    ohhh yeah haha i saw that on youtube, whats the point, the just get idiots who get carried away
    anddd rofl at that



    @mr tom 373440 wrote:

    we need more haha

    no Norfolk really doest not. :love:


    they weren’t all bad, I caught the tail end of them and to be fair there were some good’uns – its just a few muppets what fucked it up for everyone else…



    all the excitement got the better of bumpkins



    @General Lighting 373453 wrote:

    they weren’t all bad, I caught the tail end of them and to be fair there were some good’uns – its just a few muppets what fucked it up for everyone else…

    Yep some were indeed gooduns and quite unique in a norfolk kinda way.Glory days of free partys have long gone. Good times way back in the day.From acid house in 1989 to were we are now in 2010 has been a mad journey but a hell of a lot of fun.It had to slow down from the peak of most of the 90.s.What go,s up must come down they say.Were are we now?? Depends on your age i guess.There is still fun to be had out there in the uk but just less to choose from.Me i still get a buzz from the thump of a proper pumping system and its gonna be a while before i get fed up with hearing proper tearup techno sounds.Lifes for living peeps and never forget that. Take care out there yeah xx


    DJ Damon

    I Managed to get a good few years of partying in Norfolk (2004 – 2008) before rudeboys, chavs and just plain idiots ruined it.
    Now tho’s rudeboys/chavs/idiots are started their own “rigs” and throwing the shittest parties so really Norfolk is fucked and the scene will never return unless these people stop throwing parties and just die basically.

    This was the first ever party i went to back in 2004, was a lush hot day and good vibes all round.

    Was also that sound system’s first ever party, everyone went to that when Kan got busted.



    I think some organisers are trialling legal parties about Norfolk at the moment. There was one in Sutton Staithe a couple of weeks ago and one in Scottow last Saturday. They were pretty good apart from they both got shut down early by the police.

    Not really suprised they got shut down tho, they were both full of underage kids buzzed up on mephedrone!


    if they got shut down by the Police they weren’t legal! if you mean hall parties, these often breach safety procedures particularly keeping children and young people safe from harm which is a legal requirement to anyone putting on any sort of public event.

    Whilst I’m (thankfully!) not a parent as I’ve grown up a bit I still like a party but do feel a sense of responsibility towards younger people, and wouldn’t want to be involved in anything what makes then unsafe nor destroys community relations

    it might sound harsh that cops shut down these events but from what I’ve heard the halls get trashed and fights/overdoses aren’t uncommon, and this means the NHS have to pick up the pieces and costs.

    OTOH I have been to private events in Suffolk which have been left alone, but a lot of it hinges on having genuine permission and acceptance of the locals and ensuring people are safe.

    BTW if young teenagers take stimulants but in a sensible manner its not a real issue at all provided they behave well – I started at 15 and am still alive and now doing something useful for society..



    most young teenagers dont behave well though :laugh_at:


    @joshd96320 374960 wrote:

    most young teenagers dont behave well though :laugh_at:

    I certainly didn’t but I actually behaved better when I was high at a rave than on booze or any other situations … maybe because it was all new then and like a special treat being able to go partying rather than taking it for granted so you genuinely didn’t want to fuck things up… also there was a limit to how much booze or drugs you could afford on the proceeds of a weekend job or even if working full time..

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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