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  • Defiantly Dubstudio.

    Dub Studio – Home

    They also do Mastering if you produce your own material.

  • DJ Damon replied to the topic More parties in Norfolk in the forum Chat 9 years, 11 months ago

    I Managed to get a good few years of partying in Norfolk (2004 – 2008) before rudeboys, chavs and just plain idiots ruined it.
    Now tho’s rudeboys/chavs/idiots are started their own “rigs” and throwing the shittest parties so really Norfolk is fucked and the scene will never return unless these people stop throwing parties and just die…[Read more]

  • Nope it’s not 9bar, its a local sound system too be, they haven’t don’t many parties but they are currently got some night coming up, this is their facebook page which will keep you updated on all legal events they throw.
    They play a range of Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Electro, Hard Trance, Psychedelic Trance, Electro Breaks, Hardtek & Electro…[Read more]

  • Yeah speaker plans all the way.

    As you said you just want something small i would say buy 4 1850’s or 186’s get two HD’s to go on top of that and then two tops and maybe a tweeter.

    But his depends on what style of music you want to play.

    But if you don’t want to throw illegals then i would buy some pro gear for 5 grand, get a few Void Loony…[Read more]

  • The Edited one is 152bpm and the Original is at 162bpm.
    I wanted my mix to be a little slower so if this was to be played out then the DJ can have the choice to speed it up a little or down without making it sound too different.

    Safe for the feedback man, hope you liked the tunes 🙂

  • Hi everyone.

    This is a .rar pack containing 5 of my newest tracks which contains some tracks which are Hard Trance and others which are Hard Trance with some Hardstyle influences.

    Here is the Track list of the tunes.

    1. dave & Teknosis vs. DJ Damon – Tales Of The Guinea Pig (DJ Damon Mix)
    2. DJ Damon – Acid Spill
    3. DJ Damon -…
    [Read more]

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