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    it’s sad that there’s a market for women who have lost someone and believe certain people can communicate with them. using weak vulnerable people for profit. (i’m sure some men go too but it seems to be 95% women at these things)


    I guess I am a sucker. But I WANT to believe that there are ghosts.
    I mean, surely there must be something or else it would have all disappeared over time.

    Also I like science but the non science part of me is really rooting for the spirits and ghosts to be real.


    the horse polo thing is actually quite common, ive fed a horse a polo before in my youth, it really wouldnt be that hard to work out. Im a salesman by trade and we are taught to get a good grasp of poeple very quickly, its really not that hard to do.

    There is no such thing as ghosts – & crop circles are literally middle aged mental men running around fields after months of carefull planning ( i used to know them!)

    i watched the frightners tother day (good film) and theres a line in it wich is quite apt! “no good can come from making money out of death”

Viewing 3 posts - 26 through 28 (of 28 total)
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Forums The Vibe Chat Lulz = Spiritualism Church?

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