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    @apatheticsquirral 486489 wrote:

    All commercial clubs are commercial lol!

    As someone who lives in a coastal area with a similar population I wouldn’t complain about even “commercial” clubs if they are playing stuff other than pop dance.

    The “commercial” clubs pay their taxes and that means those with real power and authority put up with them. you are also lucky that there are a lot of Green politicians in power who tolerate hedonistic youth nightlife as its good for the youth vote (labour used to do this back when I was a teen).

    Even so I don’t think the Greens have a total majority and a lot of the issues like “shit sound” are caused by local nimbys using their “right to protest” to complain about noise levels.

    BTW it only took a relative handful of very loosely linked incidents 5-6 years ago to end up with what amounts to zero tolerance to all EDM events in my town, a policy still enforced to this day.


    @General Lighting 486538 wrote:

    Even so I don’t think the Greens have a total majority and a lot of the issues like “shit sound” are caused by local nimbys using their “right to protest” to complain about noise levels..

    We did the technical production for a weekend festival in Brighton a few weeks ago (“Hanging Gardens of Brighton”, which was actually a bit of a flop due to expensive tickets and the event not being promoted properly). A noise complaint from a local meant that we had to turn the [40K] rig down so much that it was barely ticking over. At one point one of the (non-technical) organisers actually put his hands on the graphic and shelved off everything below about 250Hz, meaning that the subs may as well not have been there! Some of the reviews complained about poor sound and an incompetent engineer, which is unfair as I know the FOH engineer and he’s actually really good – I’m doing another festival this weekend with him – it’s just a shame that noise control issues are often seen by punters as sign of a ‘shit engineer’ or bad sound system.

    It was fucking loud on-stage though where I was doing the monitors! 😛 I think most of the bands thought they’d played a rocking show as they couldn’t hear the lousy FOH sound!

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    yep exactly the same thing happened in EA. Another problem here though is unlike Brighton the sea is still used for shifting container vessels, tons of fish etc and we still have all the stuff like punch and judy , end of the pier show in most coastal towns and they bring in fuckloads more cash with way less hassle than clubs full of drug users and noisy sound systems.

    After the lad and the sex workers went missing and there was that shooting in ’06 the authorities carried out this massive investigation to work out costs vs benefits of the night time economy – they also compared best practice with Amsterdam (which is a very similar area demographically to Ipswich) and came to the conclusions that tolerating too many events/venues cost more than it brought in. They implemented all the control measures of NL without any of the tolerance. This of course led to a rise in illegal raves which was swiftly and harshly dealt with. I am fairly certain that Lowestoft is now the only coastal town with a club still willing to host EDM events in the whole region and even then the owners get jittery when the cops visit.

    Unfortunately (as I mentioned to the1log) I don’t get the impression Brighton has many full time paying jobs for people older than their 20s who have mortgages and maybe familes and cannot survive on bar work or freelance work or anything seasonal whilst Ipswich is still doing well in spite of the economic depression…


    I absolutely love Brighton for that reason, I’v had so many good nights in the clubs and there really is something for everyone. One of the reasons I moved here. I was in Margate originally LOL
    Dubstep, funk, reggae, blues, ska, metal – all sorts. You should come down for a night 🙂

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