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    … get in2 parties?? (soz if its been done b4)

    for me, it was my sister… Took me 2 kacchina April 2003, really enjoyed it hence the reason y i still do it now :teeth: Remember us havin a bet that i couldnt stay awake til 6am, i stayed awake til about 5 past 6 then passed out :embarasse , came home and slept the whole day… Couldnt do that now, i hate sleeping sundays, feel as though iv missed a whole day and get really disorientated when i wake up!!

    Also, what do u do on a sunday after a party?….


    I live in a part of the country,where not a great deal happens club or partywise,so a small group of mates ,myself included started doing little small scale parties,basically just for ourselves and immediate friends…these parties got bigger and better 🙂
    As for after partying,i like to chill out with some Dub,somewhere comfortable,get whatever food i can bear to eat down my neck and have a beer or two


    i got drunk and was driven out to a yellowcraigs beach party. I only went to a few of these but i stopped taking drugs and split off from that group of friends, last september though i got really stoned and went out to a ped skum quarry party an it was legendary. sundays i always go for a sunday social in at my mate sarahs just sitting getting stoned.


    It all started for me when I went lug worm digging with a mate who was older than me! I was about 14 and heard my first ever recording of a set on tape in his car driving up the coast (It was Sasha, but don’t know where). Loved it! Was already into stuff like Public Enemy, Stetsasonic and Eric B and Rakim so the change over was quite easy as a lot of the beats and samples were similar, but faster. From that got into the party scene in a big way, finally going to my first rave back in 1991, when I could blag my parents that I was staying round my mates for the weekend. Had very strict parents and things were quite different back then. The press were putting some pretty horrific things out about raves and ecstacy in particular. A lot of which, if not all, has now been found to be totally crap. And by the way, my digging fork broke and I hardly got any lug worm for fishing with later that day, but luckily my mate got loads and let me have some of his. Can’t remember what I caught though!

    AvatarGeneral Lighting

    first got interested in “acid house music” in 1987 onwards, but I was only 14 then and parents were strict about going out (the “pubs, clubs and ministry of sound” sketch in the BBC’s Asian comedy “Goodness Gracious Me” is spot on in that respect!)

    was going to local clubs by age 16 or so but there weren’t many substances about in those days and they were way expensive…

    didn’t start raving proper until my first years at Uni in 1990/1 – took my first pill around then, there were a good few dealing networks at Uni as people sold them to fund their courses and the cops didn’t stick their snouts in on uni campuses like they do nowadays…

    first started going to licensed events in London… in 1991/2 I got some hassle from Uni for proper rinsing their computer networks (I was using the Internet when it was still restricted to the academics which proper pissed them off I tell you…) – left and just get a normal job..

    got back to Reading and the rave scene was just kicking off, there was licensed events every weekend and a few good outdoor free parties. Even then I always preferred the free parties as they were cheaper (pills were £15 then BTW but probably had more MDMA in them, but you had to watch out for duds because of the high price…)

    that lasted until the end of 1992/3 when a combination of dealers fighting each other at events and subsequenct police action fucked up the commercial party scene and led to TVP’s first zero tolerance policy which worked for about a year or so then the parties started up again.

    Been partying in some form or another (with a couple of breaks before it gets too much) ever since…

    funny people mention fishing though, as loads of my friends in the early 90s used to go fishing..

    As for Sundays usually still partying in the morning/afternoon.., may go to a friends house for afternoon/evening or just get an early night (I work during the week at a job where I have to use my brain and of sleep isn’t good!)


    Fishing was the done thing around our way for boys from the age of about 10 to the day you find either beer, girls or drugs. I kinda found all three things at once and fishing along with all other sports I was interested in went well and truely out of the window. Although I do recall a couple of fishing sessions in the latter part of my fishing career when I was about 16 involving all three. Oh and with a bit of Top Buzz or Graeme Parks blasting away on the portable stereo! I don’t think I could sort myself out a lift or something to a party so thought I’d go to a nice quite place, out the way with my girl at the time to get wasted and get upto some other interesting things that teenage couples did out of their parents suspicous annoying eyesight.

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    Like GL I also got into acid house about 87 or 88 when I started hearing about parties. My first though was the Saddam Insane party in an empty Oxford warehouse on the Botley road in 1990 or 1991 (I think). It was the night Bush senior declared war officially on Saddam the first time and we all thought we were going to die (well I did anyway). The idea for the party came from all the Saddam Hussain acid doing the rounds… :zip:


    Used to hang about with my big brother a fair bit and used to really get into the acid house he always played while we played speccy games etc.

    Then in about 1990 I nicked a tape of his for my holiday trip. It was Carl Cox mixing hardcore. I was hooked and that tape stayed in my walkman for aaaages. From then on I nicked all his tapes and bought some of my own until about 93 when he took me to the 1500ppl parties he was throwing with mates.

    Got blown away and was proper in love with it all, also started getting involved with the throwing of the parties and got to see and meet loads of big acts and names that I treated like heros at the time.

    Didn’t start doing drugs until 95 though, and then when things started turning a bit shit with the ‘rave’ scene as it was then I found the free party scene around 97 time.

    Sundays: Used to be go back to a mates and carry on mixing and listening to tunes and caining silly amounts of weed then watch tv and strange films until mid Monday.

    These days I just go to sleep as soon as I get home because I don’t do chemicals anymore.


    I grew up in deepest darkest Cornwall, near to a navel base where all the matlows were from Manchester and Nottingham etc. They basically introduced me to the joys of rave music through tapes of Carl Cox at the Eclipse etc. I was about 14 or 15.

    They then started taking me to an all night club called The Shire Horse, which was Phase 1. The carpark was one of the the meet point(s) for the Phase 2 (we didn’t really call them rave or party, it was Phase 2).

    There were only 2 rigs in Cornwall then (covering a large area – it takes 2-3 hours to drive the length of Cornwall, say Lands End to Plymouth) they were called Wetback and Looney Tunes, each rig did alternate nights at the Shire, then doing the Phase 2 after. I wasn’t into the Wetback nights, but I loved Looney Tunes.

    The rest is history really, moved to the Thames Valley when I was 17 and have partied the country!! Have crewed with several rigs over the years, but choose to be a punter these days!

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