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      sry didnt know where to post this thread, should see the google search on my username[07:13] and theres a lot dodgy posts this weekend on forum dont u think?
      [07:17] <@cilla> REMINDER – munt3ron: You have an appointment with the immigration committee at 2:49pm.
      [07:19] maybe not, prob just me being paranoid – that google search is taking the fucking piss though and Ive had this done 2 me b4 by whoever is in control, think b4 u type was what daftvader said I think, thought broadcasting is here, its not a mental illness or a gift but it is something we dont talk about and certainly dont post it on drug forums which turn out to be not so anonomous
      [07:21] Good luck with ure app – why u doing this 2 people who just want 2 talk when they’re high? Tv starting 2 now aswell but like I said i’ve seen it all before……im gonna post this see if any genuine ppl just looking for fun like me agree with what Im saying….nothing against PV
      [HR][/HR][07:24] why the fuk am I the only member online? 186 guests?

      Im coming out of party vibe, its turned really dodgy…anyone else that google searched their username probably feel the same. PM me if u want to talk some more please….bye all was cool enough, tank girl etc seemed nice…:love: 🙁


        There are several search bots reading/monitoring PV at all time…so what you write in forum is widely spread on the servers on most used search engines(+ brand searches)
        This should be dealt with like what you write here is for all to see, all other things are for PM’s or in serious cases skype voice or voip talk, but best to be totally sure is face to face in real life….then again we have and allow forum-user names that in most cases is enough to secure your privacy, that said, people should avoid plaster their faces(pictures and/or videos) here in public albums or forums if their intention is to be incognito for most of the world.

        The main thing is to avoid to put yourself or others in a criminal state that can backfire later on….


          they’re gon bust in through the ceiling ‘brazil style’ any minute! :bounce_fl


            Ive only had one knock on the door from the Old Bill, because I am a member on party vibe.

            General Lighting

              TBH even if Mr Salmond and the people of Scotland do choose to go independent, and thus would actually have their own Border Agency I can’t see how a 30 something person who likes cats and takes lots of amfetamine would not be accepted for citizenship without question.

              How else would they herd the wildcats and stop them fighting the haggises? if they didn’t do this the battle would escalate and eventually all of Scotland would be fighting one another in one place, and due to haggises having lop sided legs this would unbalance the country and cause it to tip over into the North Sea.

              Were it not for the weather I’d be tempted get on the damned boat myself and claim political asylum. Alternatively I could come over for summer as a illegal immigrant, and then hand myself in to border control when it gets cold to be deported back to England. with EU human rights I would be still entitled to visit the shops before being deported, and could stock up on Scotch Whisky and electronic components thus boosting Scotlands trade in the private sector as well as keeping the public sector in work. Repeated every year surely that must add up to a fair few euros worth of business :laugh_at:


                This paranoia you speak of Haraswatch… do you find it creeps in to other parts of your life or is it just specific Partyvibe?


                  what? No way? WHy???



                    Tank Girl

                      Mate, I think you need to read your posts at the weekend when you are on it (amphet wise) as this seems to be when you post propper paranoid stuff …. Just an observation


                        Bloody hell dont want trouble. Cant find my cat, shes shes been stolen :(( xx

                        Tank Girl

                          @haraswatch 478145 wrote:

                          Cant find my cat, shes shes been stolen :(( xx

                          Hope she comes back and has just been on a wander, I can totally empathise (I walked all around where I love when my little Jasper went off for a wander…. thankfully he came back after around 5 more hours looking smug!)

                          Tank Girl

                            Any news about your cat?

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