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    AvatarPike Tom Us

    Am happy to be back in the land of PartyVibe after a few months break. Main reason for it was the screen on my laptop is fucked so could only log on through my phone, but it just wasnt the same so didnt bother logging in. Doesnt mean i didnt think about you beautiful people though…

    How is everyone doing?

    Ive got a new monitor that im using with my laptopb untill i can afford to fix the laptop screen, so ill be back round these parts more often now. Admit it, on hearing this news.. you cant contain your excitement 😉

    AvatarPike Tom Us

    nothing major, nah. have started a tattoo apprenticeship in Camden so been busy working as hard as i can at that. I also have permanant accomodation too which has massivly helped me sort it out… Want to keep it aswell so not doing anything that would jeopardise it ie staying out of trouble and not hanging around with the kinda people that i get in trouble with.
    An Autonomous Homeless Shelter is just about to be opened in Brighton by some friends of mine, so alot of my spare time will be taken up with that i should imagine.
    A move to wales might well happen soon I think. My mum and one of my sisters have just moved onto a site up there and really enjoying it. The only thing thats holding me back from going there is cos of the apprenticeship. Im gonna give it a few months and then maybe look at trying to get one up there


    wb d boy.


    Yupp, welcome back :bigsmile:



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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