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    I had mine at the weekend guys, thanks to partyvibe!

    The experience was that I have never felt in a club, crazy yet friendly at the same time. It was like your own little community all come together with one idea only – to enjoy the night and meet new people.

    The lights, set, bar and projector screen, they really made an effort to make the place functionable impressed me most. From the outside I was half expecting a Phillips hand radio wired into a speaker tuned into Radio 4. And to think I was spunking all my money away in London clubs all these years when these things are happening.

    My girlfiend was a little cautious going into a dodgy looking place but she loved it! So much so that’s she’s now chewing my ears off asking me to take her to the next one. (She drives, so I can’t really say no!)

    Cheers for the connecions Partyvibe! :satisfied


    Your first freeparty expeirence is always the best and most memorable.


    Dont know if this counts.

    My first free party experience was at Inukshuk at the Sanctuary in Birmingham, November 2003 Even though it was in a club it was still free.
    The main room was Techno (it always is), I had never danced to Techno before, I loved it.
    Everyone was so friendly I made a lot of friends whom I still see.
    It just had a lovely feel to it, no trouble, no nasty people, just fun and friendly.
    I have only ever missed one since, and thats when I was pregnant.


    i remember mine… went raving at an all night legal do, when it finished some people i’d only recently met were waiting outside for me.. they picked me up and we drove to Wales (from Bucks) at about 5am. when we got there we were greeted by a huge multi-rigger in a quarry… still probably the biggest party i have been to.


    Mine was a party back in 95, i had only ever been to organised events before so this was unbelievable!!! started the evening by sqeezing 5 bodies in an XR2 n making our way to an industrial estate to meet up with the rest of the convoy (convoy being another 300 full cars) and waited for the Crew in there HUGE army trucks to show us the way to the party site this was an event on its own half the fun then was getting to the party, which was a massive warehouse with numerous rigs and full with all sorts of people from 8 years old to 60, Dred heads, hippies, boy racers (luckily not so many), skin heads, kids, oldies n it was great every type of person exept clicky people and every one was getting on great, every one smiling if they were not already too fucked to do so, even though it was a very dark atmosphere it felt like u could talk to any one and dance with any one any way u wanted every one was on the same vibe!!!! i was hooked! this is the way i liked to see people every one there for the same reason, no hassel.

    AvatarDJ Khemica

    Mine was an Exodus warehouse party on the Woodside Industrial Estate in Dunstable back in 1996. I was 16 years old and I was dragged off to one by my mates after the pub one night. Luved it!. :cloud9:

    titch wrote:
    Your first freeparty expeirence is always the best and most memorable.

    Nah my first one was shit an we’ll not go into it.


    Yikes mine was years ago… first went to a free party in 1994 when i was 13!!!!

    Been at this party business for toooooooo long.. and it’s mad how things have changed over the years…

    An now the boots on the other foot.. no longer just the party goer now the party instigator……:weee:

    AvatarGeneral Lighting

    first one was in 1991, I think it was Ascot. there was a local crew called Sputnik Sounds (which later became Armageddon sound system) which linked up with some of the spiral tribe lot

    actually ended up DJ’ing there for a bit (until Easygroove wanted to take over the decks for hours as he usually does…)

    that was my first ever set in public……

    the start of some mad times though – not all of which were good but I came through them, am still here and didn’t end up in HMP/rehab along the way so it wasn’t too bad, if I hadn’t done it I suppose I could have got a few more qualifications or a slight salary increase but would have missed out on so much else..


    can’t remember my first free party

    i was being taken to free festivals as soon as I was born (’76)


    My first free party was on 13 Dec 2003. It was a Munt party in Hackney Wick in some old pub…I loved every second of it and was completely gutted to find I’d been going to shit clubs for years when this fantastic scene was happening all around me!!!

    I just love parties because of the people – they are SO GREAT!!!! I have met more interesting people at parties that I have ever met in my life. I just love that feeling of being completely FREE!!!! WOOHOOOO!

    They have restored my faith in humanity.

    At the party itself all I remember is the darkness and the booming techno – just when I thought it couldn’t go any further, it just got deeper and darker – stupendous. Plus tremendous confusion from a friend buying some GHB or some such thing and mixing it into a load of other stuff for us to snort – UTTER confusion for 2 hours. PERFECT!!!!

    So I’ve been hooked from the start really. Hope free parties continue to stand firm against the BORING OLD FARTS who seek to bring us down. Hedonism rules

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