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    i was on the bus today heading home when a police wifie gets on. hmmm dont see that often. whats goin here? i gets all paranoid cos she stands right next to where im sitting, ive no even got anything illegal on me but ya know how the mind works :yakk:

    anyways, ive sussed that she’s being like a normal person and she’s a bona-fide passenger just like all the rest of us plebs. Phew! Panic over. Polis women are people too innit.

    so were heading along the road….everyting is cool. peeps minding their p’s & q’s, schoolkids behaving themselves etc all because the polis wifie is on the bus and TBH its turning into a pleasant journey :love:

    then the junkie gets on. and he knows her. “HAW! he shouts as he walks up the aisle, “Fuxake hen! I told ye i was cool when i seen ye an hour ago” he’s standing right next to her now. “the rest o’ thum bumped ye darling?….you no allowed in the motor likes? that’s fuckin discrimination sweetheart! unless you cannae drive mibbes? so they told ye to get the bus,aye?” junkieboy has seized his moment big style. with a big grin on his fizzer. polis wifie has a fuckin beamer and meekly tells him to sit down. me? i am pishing myself laughing. junkielad gives me a wink as he passes me 😉

    i got off a couple o’ stops later just as polis wifie was trying to reassert her authority by turning round and glaring at a woman who was speaking too loudly on her fone. as the bus pulled away i gave the junkie hero a thumbs-up raaa

    he earned it.

    AvatarMC G-Tek

    Ha ha, quality mate!

    AvatarPat McDonald

    That’ll teach them to be a police officer in a public place…

    … maybe not.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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