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    got my first pay today from a new job (after bein unemployed 4 too long…)
    n taxed sumin stupid around £400!!
    i only just got my p45 from the job center, anyone no how/if i get the money back from the emergency tax??


    Yeah a few m8s had this error wat a disgrace it is u get it bac in the end though so all ends well no more imfo soz!

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    unfortunatlely this is very common, if you are unemployed for a while your old tax record actually expires and HM Revenue and Customs “start again from scratch”. This happened to me in 2002 after i had been unemployed for nearly a year (following the dot-com crash).

    Until HMRC get every bit of info they want from your current and previous employers (or the DWP in the case of those who have previously been on giro) you go on emergency tax – you do eventually get the money back but it can take a few months.


    Well Ive just started working after i think 6 years of being on incapacity benefit. So I got a feeling im gonna b on 40% tax too 🙁


    And I spent my first pay on some tattoos ive wanted for like… years


    I was on emergency tax for a while well about 6 months or so, but the great thing was i got all the money i paid extra back in one lump sum!! yeah that was a good month :weee: actually was? sorry i cant remember if i enjoyed it raaa


    One time I got it back in my pay, the other time I had to deal direct with HMRC

    I think you can only claim shit back for a tax year that’s completed, but on the 1st of April this year will be so you can go ahead and try!

    I found it easiest just to go to the tax enquiry office. I filled in a form and they gave me an appointment time that day…(I lived round the corner though!)

    I had all my documents like P 45s P 46s and all the rest, I.D and whatnot…

    The nice wifey at my appointment worked out how much I was due back and they sent me a cheque…only trouble was I moved away before the cheque came so I had to get another and the whole process took months!

    Normally it should only take 4-6 weeks from the date of your appointment for the cheque to be issued. Found everyone I dealt with to be very competent and courteous which was a small fucking mircale considering that you are dealing with one of the huge monolithic civil service entities…

    Best o’ luck….

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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