• This is all mainly from 4-6 years old when I was at my happiest :weee:

    1. Cartoon. Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles/Thundercats
    2. Toys. Thundercats
    3. Film. Home Alone
    4. Comic. Beano+Dandy
    5. TV programme. DJ Kat show (on ancient Sky T.V)
    6. Pastime. Playing in the garden!
    7. Board/ table game. Snakes+Ladders
    8. Playground game. Football
    9. School…[Read more]

  • Arawn replied to the topic bloody emergency tax in the forum Chat 12 years, 10 months ago

    One time I got it back in my pay, the other time I had to deal direct with HMRC

    I think you can only claim shit back for a tax year that’s completed, but on the 1st of April this year will be so you can go ahead and try!

    I found it easiest just to go to the tax enquiry office. I filled in a form and they gave me an appointment time that day…(I…[Read more]

  • Compared to Edinburgh it kinda is…Well South Central anyway…(Inglewood!!! :groucho:)

  • Arawn wrote:
    they’re group is better than another group because they’re tripping and the other group is pissed 😉

    OMFG I used they’re instead of their!

    Quick somebody hide me from the grammar police! :omg:

  • A little bit on the depressed side today actually. Bit bunged up. Finding solace in cider. Hey that’s alliteration!. I’ll be a poet yet!

    Actually probably not! raaa

  • Orite Graam how’s trix?

    Yeah I really can’t see that acohol in itself is the real problem here…Lord knows I’d be a lot more sane if I’d stuck to the drink and left the drugs alone (especially the trippy ones) :bounce_fl. I’ve never got into fight in me life pissed, but I’ve almost had kickings through being too frazzled on pillz…

    The party…[Read more]

  • …or dumping Windows and getting something better :groucho:

  • Arawn replied to the topic Who swears ? in the forum Chat 12 years, 12 months ago

    Bah…the last time I checked most people in the U.K were of Anglo-Saxon descent or at least have a few ancestors who were…the words shit, cunt and some of the others all have perfectly acceptable roots in Anglo-Saxon (Old English)…

    Next time somebody pulls you up for swearing, call them a racist cunt and tell them to be more sensitive to…[Read more]

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