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    Check out the series The Dead Files.
    It’s just started and is up to about eppie 5 or so.
    Basically this psycic chick goes in and sees whats what. At the same time a real detective goes and finds out about the house and its history etc. BUT they do not contact each other until they have a joint meeting with the people who called them in to find out what the hell is going on in their house.

    The things she says she sees and feels and then the things he finds out as fact from previous tenants and official documents is really uncanny.
    Am liking this series!

    If I was in London I would go with ya. Just for entertainment as I reckon these types of things are just that. Entertainment.
    However, I had my cards read twice in London by the same dude 5 years apart. The first reading he gave me was talking about stuff that would happen like 3-4 years away and it all came true. He was spot on with everything that he could not have possibly known. The second reading was even more detailed and was so on the mark that it freaked me out a little.
    He was not around on my last visit. I don’t even know if he is… I would love a third reading from him!