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    Hi Just another Darren ,
    Yep tough one as how at sixteen are you supposed to know what you want to do with your life , who does …….i bet some of us still dont :-O . A year out is not a bad thing although with university positions getting less i’d grab one while you can . You have any idea of what you might like to do ? must be something ? but dont say space man !!!!! lol as you’d be lucky in this country lol . Maybe you should approach local business etc and ask if it be okay to visit for a day or two to get an idea of what they do …..bullshit abit and say that your interested in said job . Im sure most employers might go for it and it shows initiative .

    Of course if you knew what job you wanted it might help with what you might pick to do at uni or maybe just pick a subject you like . At least if you go uni by the time you graduate the job market may have improved ….we all hope . However as most have said it’s best to get a trade or a profession under your belt that way hopefully you’ll never be out of a job . Its a big time of your life as its the start of you making your way on your own so …….dont fuck it up :-O…mungo sounding like ya dad lol . Best of luck with it 🙂 lets us know how you get on . Sorry i was not much help !!!