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    AvatarDj Massie


    AvatarDj Massie

    here’s the tracklist + soundcloud direct link:


    Tracklist ala carte!!!

    1) headroom – life to dead noise
    2) hertz — big Bang (Bryant Cox rmx)
    3) Sniper — advanced subtractive
    4) Sebastien Marx – Savage
    5) Kari Paap/HMD – Afrika Dream
    6) Chris Liberator – Shoplift
    7) Sunil Sharpe — Breaker
    �� Samuel L Session – Core ep track A2 Unknown
    9) C. Fischer/ dj Murphy – Slave
    10) Utility Plastics UTL15 – Richard Turner track B2
    11) Alpharisc – Believe in me
    12) C. Liberator/Lenny Dee – The Iron Chicken
    13) Heroes h4 glenn wilson – half light
    14) Dj Bold – Drift away
    15) Zoid/Mucky Beats – Japanese Clank
    16) Humpries – Dialoque
    17) Virgil Enzinger – Tokyo Nights
    18) Peak / Radical G – Fragmental Excursion
    19) Hydraulix 31 – Audioklinik B2
    20) Unknown Forces – Patrick skoog – Body Drum

    Have fun like share and stay techno

    Bye bye Greetz massie

    AvatarDj Massie

    ive go another ready, preparing for some new events ive been asked for, i put it in here because do not want to start new topics again and again

    you will like this one!! record level bit lower (less distorting)

    22 march 2015,

    Massie @ 43 Minutes PowerSchranz Vinyl Warm Up Session 22 March 2015

    im am very excited about my event on 28 March :
    it will be wicked!

    43 minutes hardtechno schranz tight mix, had to stop after 40 minutes because of privat matters, shit happens as we speak but this session is experimental to create new ideas! Nice tracks by the way have a go and hit my repost and like button as many as you want it, this is my second mix this weekend. do not forget the others, i play for you to express my musical feelings for anyone who likes it yeaaah

    have fun
    greetz and beatz

    AvatarDj Massie

    Don’t you know how i can master in audacity?

    AvatarDj Massie

    oke, i like to learn how i can master my sets? any tips

    i record with traktor 2 pro, after this i cut the beginning/end and normalize in audacity

    after this is code from wav to mp3

    gr massie

    AvatarDj Massie

    thank you

    AvatarDj Massie

    lekker setje toch heheehheh gr waldo (massie)

    all my sets on soundcloud are download enabled!!

    lots of artist don’t give their sounds free but i see it as a service to all my followers and supporters

    AvatarDj Massie

    heee, i found this one on youtube myself, funny you are using one of my sets

    gr massie (NL)

    AvatarDj Massie

    recording at 192hz/24bit now, the older ones recorded with 16bit nero 6 reloaded!

    AvatarDj Massie

    this set was recorded with nero 6 reloaded couple of years ago so 16 bit, now i have a external interface rec levels @ 192hz/24bit, much better

    greetz massie

    AvatarDj Massie

    he folks, if you have listened this one thank you

    within one week 30 repost almost 350 plays and >> 80 likes is awesome

    greetz Massie (NL)

    AvatarDj Massie

    here another set recorded in 2012 in warm hot conditions pff

    i do not want to start to many topics so i put it here

    al my recordings are like this: vinyl, 2 x technics 1210 mk2, 1x pioneer djm600S

    this one is really cool i believe, hope you visit me on soundcloud:

    (Techno Classics Set) Massie @ Mixing Up Great Tracks In Hot Summer Conditions 2012

    AvatarDj Massie

    and here another set (2012)

    i will not start a newe topic for this because of opening to many topics (do not want to spam just share my music)

    this one was recorded on a hot sweaty day in 2012, its a very nice set hope:weee:

    (Techno Classics Set) Massie @ Mixing Up Great Tracks In Hot Summer Conditions 2012

    all my sets by the way are recorded like this

    2 x technics 1210 mk2
    1 x pioneer djm 600S

    gr Massie

    AvatarDj Massie

    he thank you very much, maybe you link my name to soundcloud, would be awesome

    the sound is much better yes, i have a external interface (focurite 2i2) now, but the sound comes in and turns orange already, so i keep it closed, and i record now with traktor 2 pro, happy with it

    i will post another mix right now (is very cool typical my style)

    gr waldo

    Aka dj Massie

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