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    AvatarDj Massie

    30 november 2014,
    here is my hardtechno vinyl set broadcasted on hard force United Autumn Session 29 November

    Thank you Paul Tenisson!!!
    This is my final round for November, ive put all my efforts and experiences on the decks in it from last half year.
    a big finisher, i hope you like and share or repost my masterpiece!!
    greetz massie from Arnhem Holland



    Nice one! :sign0098:

    AvatarGeneral Lighting

    Cheers 🙂 nice levels and soundprocessing on this one as well (I only had to normalise it to -0.1dBTP as there were a few clipped samples); now scheduled for TX on VFR Europe at 23:00 CET every evening 🙂

    (links are below; updated as I’ve changed my server to Icecast. there is a 192k mp3 stream and autoplayer, a link to a 96k aac for mobiles and another for 128k MP3 HTML5 if you don’t have an app on your mobile to play aac format)

    VFR Europe Internet Radio » rtn VFRmedia

    AvatarDj Massie

    oke, i like to learn how i can master my sets? any tips

    i record with traktor 2 pro, after this i cut the beginning/end and normalize in audacity

    after this is code from wav to mp3

    gr massie

    AvatarGeneral Lighting

    firstly when recording for a show that will be processed later and broadcast (or a live show where the studio has soundprocessing) use “EBU studio level” which is where 0dBU on your analogue equipment corresponds to -18dBFS on your digital recording equipment. You may need a better meter and a separate display; these can be obtained here.

    Audio Level Meter

    This recording will sound “quiet” but it will have good headroom and won’t be clipped (surface noise / scratches / dust on vinyl can be very loud!)

    There may still be those downloadable copies of Adobe CS2 which contain Audition 3.0 – not the latest but does work on Win 7 (in spite of what Adobe claims; only Premiere chokes on it). In this is a “multiband compressor” with a preset called “Broadcast” which is what I normally use for pre recorded shows. Sometimes I tweak the settings but often leave them as they are.

    Then I save the file as 192k MP3.

    For a live show you need either standalone hardware or another PC/soundcard with suitable software and someone else to monitor the output whilst you are DJ’ing. My guide to doing this with a PC was taken from the original Dutch article here which describes various solutions and their pros and cons. The Japanese multimax software is what I use (its not expensive to buy) and I think it can process WAVS as well but I’ve never tried it (only used it in real time).

    Nieuwe pagina 20

    AvatarDj Massie

    Don’t you know how i can master in audacity?

    AvatarGeneral Lighting

    there are free VST multiband processors available for Audacity or Wavosaur (another interesting free audio recorder) but to be fair the normalise feature you used does the job for a recorded mix – the important bit being not having the input levels set too high to start with (you can always make a safety copy of your original recording). A lot of the music you play will already have been heavily compressed to start with. I’ve put the link for these VSTs at the bottom in case you want to experiment with them anyway.

    Bear in mind the mastering or processing will vary according to what the final destination of the mix might be ; someone with decent sound equipment won’t want the same amount of processing that an online radio station where someone might be listening to on small speakers or cheap headphones connected to a mobile device would use; as it makes the mix sound “louder” but reduces the dynamic range.

    VST multiband compressor free plugins – Wavosaur

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