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    AvatarDj Massie


    What do you do if you slept two hours last night , getting a flew and drank three beers???

    Play hardtechno !!

    Have fun

    Gr massie!!!


    AvatarGeneral Lighting

    is this the correct one? the embedded soundcloud link is kaput here because soundcloud changed some of their link format

    AvatarDj Massie

    ive go another ready, preparing for some new events ive been asked for, i put it in here because do not want to start new topics again and again

    you will like this one!! record level bit lower (less distorting)

    22 march 2015,

    Massie @ 43 Minutes PowerSchranz Vinyl Warm Up Session 22 March 2015

    im am very excited about my event on 28 March :
    it will be wicked!

    43 minutes hardtechno schranz tight mix, had to stop after 40 minutes because of privat matters, shit happens as we speak but this session is experimental to create new ideas! Nice tracks by the way have a go and hit my repost and like button as many as you want it, this is my second mix this weekend. do not forget the others, i play for you to express my musical feelings for anyone who likes it yeaaah

    have fun
    greetz and beatz

    AvatarGeneral Lighting

    @Dj Massie 701740 wrote:

    I can also relay this on VFR Europe if you let me know the dates and times of the live stream (this has extra capacity for 100 listeners and a 96k aac transcoded stream for mobile listeners) – I need to do maintenance on the playout server anyway so it could be a way also of testing the emergency switching.

    BTW although the “free” shoutcast servers may be OK for experiments many of them can’t handle the bandwidth demands or worse might try and insert ads across your radio content as Shoutcast has this facility increasingly built in because of the Radionomy merger. Often rolling your own by getting a VPS and putting Icecast and Liquidsoap on it may work better.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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