Robots With Rayguns


Robots With Rayguns was born in 2008, when Lucas Patrick Smith (Gravemachine) combined his love for Synthpop, New Wave, and modern Electro, and turned it into an outlet for producing catchy, hook-driven pop tracks.

After the commercial release of Gravemachine’s ‘Prosper Park’, Lucas took a hiatus from the dark, industrial soundscape to focus on his other musical passion – dancefloor-worthy electropop inspired by the analougue synthpop he grew up listening to.

2009 was spent honing his production skills by remixing the likes of Yaz, Michael Jackson, Daft Punk, and Fear of Tigers. RWR started getting blog notice for his remixes of popular artists such as Nightwaves, Chromeo, Lady Gaga, and Lily Allen.

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