Colin Oood


OOOD have been releasing their unique brand of psytrance since 1994, with their side-project Unconscious Collective releasing Flying Rhino’s biggest-selling 12″, ‘Fluorostani Transcendance’ in 1996. Both acts are now combined into one awesome, dancefloor-filling trance monster with Colin at the helm and up to 5 people on stage for their live performances, with live musicianship of all kinds very much in evidence.

As a DJ, Colin plays mostly his own material, and with 10 years-worth of tracks in many styles with many collaborators – including around 20 written in the past two years alone – he has the back-catalogue to play at any time of day or night. Notoriously label-shy, most of this cutting-edge music is unreleased and can only be heard in his DJ or live sets. Colin is currently working on an album with his acclaimed Voice of Cod project, which is due for release in 2005, and on two albums with OOOD which should also be available this year.

Colin has played in countries all over the world, from Japan to South Africa and from Belgium to Israel.

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