Mix Master Morris


To start with, I never chose this name, rather it was bestowed on me by the Pirate station Network 21 back in 1985. Back then I was fascinated with sampling, but in those days it was pretty crude stuff with wires poking out of your Atari ST or Amiga …

In 1990 I joined the Shamen’s crew as a touring DJ and had 2 years riding around Europe in a minibus. This was a lot of fun and I learnt a few things. Next I joined up with Rising High records, where I made three very successful albums : Flying High, Global Chillage and Dreamfish. I did a lot of radio shows, including a weekly show for KISS called THE CHILL OUT ZONE which was the first of its type anywhere.

Late 90s I signed with Ninja Tune Records and made three records for them. I was one of the original Big Chill crew, and resident at the Festival for 17 years. Nowadays I have a regular slot at Glastonbury every year in the Shangri-La field. My London club NUBIENT is now on Sunday Afternoons at the Big Chill Bar, London E1 (just celebrated 10th birthday).

I regularly play at some of the best parties in the world. In 2014 I was the #1 most played DJ out of over 100,000 Chillout & Ambient DJs on Mixcloud.


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