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Vibration Records is an international music label run by Toby Bolton (Tobes), Insideman and Dave Shearer (ATP). Please drop in and say hi and tell your friends all about us. We’d also love to hear your music so please send it to us via

Thanks, VR Crew!

According to some, absolutely everything in the universe, all of the particles that make up matter and forces, is comprised of tiny vibrating fundamental strings.

Each one of these strings is identical. The only difference between one string and another, whether it’s a heavy particle that is part of an atom or a massless particle that carries light, is its resonant pattern, or how it vibrates.

Vibration Records believes the same, there is more to life than what first meets the eye, look deeper and you will see more, through sheer passion we spread our music as far around the world as possible, but its hard for one person to be heard, through music millions can hear a message.

We believe in love and harmony, mankind must live as one, and not allow media and the governments to create a divide, music is the universal language and this amazing power can bring us all closer together.

We hope that everyone around the world no matter of race or creed will relax to our music, and for a moment remember how beautiful this universe really is, this amazing universe we share.

Vibration Records “Ever Resounding”

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