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      Basically , lets face it my era was the best for dance tunes.

      You guys keep on playing the same classic dance tunes that our era created. You cant go to a rave nowadays without hearing something from the early nineties.

      Dont you think that dance music should re-invent itself?

      How much longer do we have to cling on to these floor fillers?.

      Will they ever go away?



        leave the home counties mate, a new world exists. just not round here…


          i think quite a bit of breakbeat stuff i hear is blatent bootlegs of early 90’s tunes :rolleyes:

          there’s a lot of other music, esp techno/electro that is made from new sounds but it’s still being created within roughly the same boundaries as several years ago IMO

          maybe that’s inevitable if it’s a winning formula which becomes the theme tunes of our time?

          but as i’ve said on other threads, i think some more live input from live musicians could bring some fresh ideas about what constitues dance music 🙂

          but i agree some reinvention is needed… young / fresh blood is the way that’s likely to happen

          so how to encourage wider participation / involvement of people with musical ideas different from the tried and tested is something worth thinking about


            I believe that, if a tune is very nice and gives a positive feeling and make you dance hard. Then if it isn’t used to much, it will always work. It would be new for who hasn’t been raving for much, and for the ones who’ve been raving longer, it would bring memories of party’s that have been. I really like to dance a tune which I know well.:)

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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          Forums The Vibe Chat you cant get rid of those classics!