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    This is using an old Compaq laptop (from about 2008/9) running Win7 32 bit; connected via HDMI to a more modern TV-set as a second display (XBMC wont run on windows XP).

    To play back shoutcast streams all you need is the Shoutcast audio add on.

    I customised the RSS feed changing it for PVR; as well as some UK specific stuff. XBMC automatically detected the Milkdrop core code I’d stored on the PC to use with foobar2000.

    It works really well considering this is a full HD screen and its pushing the limits of the laptops capabilities.

    the app also runs on my Android tablet (though without Milkdrop); appears to be free from adware/crapware (although I also use adblock plus on this tablet) and is excellent quality on my newer laptop. There are addons for youtube, dailymotion [with caveats they “may not be legal” as they can download videos] but interestingly what appears to be a 100% approved/tolerated app from Danmarks Radio; where they seem to be giving away freely random bits of their archive (both radio and TV). The only catch is the content is all in Danish; but the language is closer to German than I realised and I could understand about 20% of it (though I only had a quick look at what appears to be an news documentary from 1998 about Government finances)

    Video demonstration below [warning, contains fast flashing / strobe content]

    (I am aware the tripod is “on the huh” (not 100% level) but I wanted to use a slightly better camera than the Nokia phone hand held…

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    an update: I noticed the odd glitch with the visualisations; turned out I had been trying to send 1080p/50 from the old laptop which really would be caning things; reconfigured it for 25fps and its perfect on the telly.

    Another thing you can do with XMBC (if you happen to have a VOIP telephone exchange in your house with FreePBX) is send the inbound caller ID’s to the screen (it can also lower the volume when a phone call comes in if you so wish) for that you need a module called CID Superfecta and to have set up your internal directory on the exchange.

    The 9 before the number is added by my setup so you can redial it from any phone with CLID display (otherwise it would go to the internal numbers routing)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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