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    AvatarLt Luna

    Sorry to mention this when the weather is just so beautiful outside. The last thing you want to hear about it winter time….

    But I have a shitty dilemma.

    Christmas party is being held in a hotel Folkestone. A black tie event & disco. The company paying for it all, meal, drinks, room and partner can come.

    Some of the people I work with are nice but to spend a whole evening with them is quite frankly dull! I am not a big drinker so the free booze doesn’t entice me. I don’t mind drinking with friends but with people I don’t mix well with I just get bored and want to sleep! If it was a massive free drugs party I might be tempted haha

    Also if it was in London, where I live. I would go then sneak off early…. I can do this in frigging Folkestone!

    So what excuse can I use? Or am I being a party pooper? It is only once a year and all that…

    Do any of you have to go through this?

    AvatarTank Girl

    I’ve just refused (declined) to attend them in the past as I didnt really like the people I worked with and we had to pay ourselves (and similar thing your mentioning, and £40 a ticket then what £40 for alcohol £40-50 taxi / hotel room etc) and I just wasnt happy to pay that ammount of money for a night that I wouldnt necesarily choose to attend, with people I didnt choose to socialise with normally

    I then worked at a place where the ticket was paid for and free bar, and I liked the people I worked with and had a good time, but what with money being tight it was changed to we pay ticket and free drinks – went had a good time,

    but we had a bit of a mass exodus at work and the new people i didnt really like so again I just declined to go.

    By the sounds of your situation I would just decline to go, you dont need to give an excuse.
    And just because its xmas I dont see why you should have to do something you dont want to!!


    Yeah I just say I’m not going if i don’t want to, upto you if you go not them. 😉


    In your shoes I wouldnt go – after a few bad experiences I keep work and my social life seperate as its easier like that. I may work with them but I wouldnt socialise with them normally and xmas party is not going to be the exception to that rule. You dont have to explain – its optional and you dont want to be there

    AvatarGeneral Lighting

    This is a mutlitcultural, diverse nation and many people may choose not to celebrate Christmas in the traditional form. Even those who are Christian can still object saying that they do not want to overindulge over the period as it is against their beliefs.

    Lots of people are choosing not to attend their employers events or the employers are downsizing them due to the economic depression – even if some of the stuff is free there are still travel costs etc..

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