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    What a bone-chilling walk I had to the CO-OP store this morning! 35 degrees below zero Fahrenheit!!!

    I was wearing my rabbit fur Russian ushanka, two sets of thermals, my insulated Carhartt brand outerwear, Merino Wool socks and bunny boots and I still froze my butt cheeks off! :yakk:

    Since I no longer drive, I have to walk everywhere I need to go and thank God I live within a relatively close proximity to the grocery store, but I have to take a taxicab to the CO-OP Natural Foods store for my tea supplies. I saved my money this morning by walking the six mile round-trip to the CO-OP instead of taking a taxicab, but now that my ears, nose, toes and fingers have shattered off from the liquid nitrogen cold weather, I wish I’d have paid the extra $22.00 for the round-trip taxicab ride! lol!

    When it’s this cold outside, your bananas or any fresh fruits that you may have bought will freeze solid within only a half hour walk. Walking home with ice cream is perfect, though! lol!

    AvatarTechno Viking

    Where was this?


    Sioux Falls, South Dakota is where I currently live because of the great doctors they have here. Alaska is fairly remote and only has a few, limited specialists who deal with my liver cancer. I return to Alaska to see my kids and grand kids roughly every other month.
    I hope to one day be able to permanently live back in Alaska again.

    Thanks so very much and I hope this year’s Christmas is your best ever!!!

    ~ “Shoestring” ~~~~~

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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