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      A Tel Aviv woman has been searching through Israeli rubbish dumps after she said she accidentally threw away a mattress containing $1m (£700,000).

      The woman, identified only as Anat, had bought a new mattress for her mother as a surprise and threw away the old one, Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper reported.

      But when the older woman returned home she “almost fainted”, as she had hidden her entire life savings inside.

      BBC NEWS | World | Middle East | Israel woman ‘bins $1m mattress’ :laugh_at: :hopeless:


        EPIC FAIL

        General Lighting

          TWO Nigerians working illegally had the rug pulled from under them when they turned up for a carpet cleaning job – at the agency which roots out unlawful workers.

          The men arrived at the Felixstowe offices of the UK Border Agency but never got the chance to do any cleaning.

          Suspicions were aroused because neither had any identification documents.

          Checks revealed one man, aged 41, was an illegal entrant to the UK while the other, aged 31, had arrived on a tourist visa, which had since expired, and they were both arrested by Border Agency staff.

          Illegal workers pick the wrong job – Evening Star 24


            rofl GL


              ha ha, gutted! :laugh_at:


                i know someone who lives next to tel aviv!!

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