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      thought id post as i havent posted in a while whats been goin on in thesquat free party world lately then guys coz ive recently given up doin drugs except weed obviously so i havent been out to any parties


        why do you need to do drugs to go to a party?


          Bad time to stop partying – spring is in the air, and all the sleepy outdoor systems are awakening from their hibenation….fuck squat parties, get yourself to the woods little missy, the spangles mashi romoperstomper ruudness is in full swing every weekend.

          since all this p.e.l stuff, i have noticed a drop off in freeparty ads on the web, which is a shame, but neccessary, it seems :blackeye:

          went to a mint party w/e b4 last, last weekend i was destroying braincells, and playing improvised instruments in the sea at five in the morn, on a bit of a mad hippy trip. damaging, but niiiice…only just stopped really.

          i’m laming out, being soppy and being organised this w/e so i dunno wa’ gwan….

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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