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      Off work today and bored allready.
      I hate having time off midweek no one is about to meet up all my mates are at college or work or f-ing miles away. + It is never good when u wake up with a headache!
      Should been weeding the garden but can not be fucked!
      Think I might have to jump on the bike and go see the sea but that is only going to kill an hour at most. [starting to wish i was at work what the f…!!]
      Come on peps give me some ideas.

      Techno Viking

        I’m working this weekend (urgh!) but I’ve been off since yesterday and I’m bored too. I did just watch the Power of Nightmares again which was mightily entertaining, still wondering what to do next myself…

          Site wrote:
          I did just watch the Power of Nightmares again which was mightily entertaining,
          What is this tell me more?
          sounds like it might b an animation. [just a guess]
          Techno Viking

            It’s a top 3 part documentary that was shown on bbc 2 last year regarding the rise of the neo conservatives and radical islam as well as ruling through fear of imaginary enemies… so light viewing really! :you_smart


            The Power of Nightmares (2004) (TV)

            Directed by Adam Curtis

            Writing credits: Adam Curtis

            Genre: Documentary

            Plot Outline: A series of three documentaries about the use of fear for political gain.

            User Comments: Informative, enlightening, clever, great editing and music. (more)

            User Rating: 9.0/10 (158 votes)

            Runtime: 180 min (3 parts)
            Country: UK
            Language: English
            Color: Color
            Sound Mix: Stereo

            User Comments:

            7 out of 9 people found the following comment useful: Informative, enlightening, clever, great editing and music., 21 December 2004

            Author: tresdodge from London

            This is a highly intelligent, informative, sometimes humorous and superbly edited series of programmes that look at two types of dominant fundamentalist groups that exist in the Twenty First Century. On the one side we have the Neo-Conservatavists, mostly all white, affluent Christian men (believers in Creationism mostly), who Western society is obviously supposed to value highly compared to the dark, foreign ‘others’ that make up the ‘terrorists’ from ‘un-civilised’ lands.

            The programmes chart the historic roots of these two fundamentalist groups, and reveal that they both came about from a belief in the corrupt and morally unsound nature of Western society after the threat of the Cold War dissolved. The programmes look at the the War on Terror and Curtis clearly presents the way that ‘Nightmares’ about terrorism can coerce and manipulate the ‘big beast’ that is society. Through propaganda, the media becomes a tool where lies are peddled and fear is stoked up to tame and create (un)believable truths in the mind of the general populace. For example a clip from a news programme shows lies about Al Qaeda being a highly organised network with vast caves full of high tech computers and complex equipment. This has been shown as a complete fabrication among many supposed truths presented to the general public.

            The series is principally excellent in enlightening us with ‘facts’ but also the way in which music and editing is used to bring the message across. For example a plethora of clips from the film ‘Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves’ and the use of traditional American music with images of Al Qaeda. I found this to be a humorous and unique touch that really makes these programmes stand out.

            Overall what this film reasserted once again is that these Neo Conservativist terrorists are no better than un-organized or partly organised Islamic terrorists. George W Bush is a terrorist of the worst kind, who through repeating lies long enough and hard enough to his scared citizens can manipulate them into believing ,for example, that an unprovoked and illegal war is justified.

            This idea of good versus evil is a dominant myth within Western societies, and George W Bush et al know that through creating this ‘other’ evil and building it up continouously, whether it exists or not one can win people on your side. The prime example being his victory in the Presidential elections, a great many of the people interviewed said they would vote for Bush because he would keep U.S.A safe. Which is of course quite the opposite in my opinion. A great series I hope Curtis and his team make many more enlightening and technically competent documentaries.


              Thanks 4 the link….
              Can I play the movie from that site. [where is the play button] :question_

              Techno Viking

                You can’t, try file sharing…


                  Become a trainee pirate. To do this you will require;

                  A cardboard box big enough to sit in
                  2 broom handles/ long sticks
                  A pillow case
                  Some string
                  A bread knife
                  A bandana (or failing that a tea towel)
                  A small soft toy (preferably some kind of bird)
                  String and sticky tape.
                  A black pen

                  1. Place the box on the floor (tear off the lid) and tape one of the broom handles to the box in an upright position. You know have the hull and mast of your ship.
                  2. Tie the pillow case at it’s top and bottom to your mast (feel free to add skull and crossbones designs to pillowcase using black pen). You now have a sail (it may be best to tie your ship up at this point so that is doesn’t sail away unmanned while you are finishing your preparations).
                  3. Using part of the lid you tore off the box, fashion an oar shape and attach to the end of your other broom stick. You can use the oar to travel around when there is not enough wind, or as a makeshift weapon.
                  4. Tie the tea towel/bandana around your head, and draw a moustache on yourself (if you are not already equipped with one) using the black pen.
                  5. Attach the soft toy to your shoulder using tape. This is your parrot. In the event of the toy being another creature (a bear for example) you will have to use your imagination.
                  6. Arm yourself with your cutlass (bread knife – be careful not to cut yourself here) and board your vessel.
                  7. Go forth and plunder!

                  Just as a tip, if you have a kitchen with a lino (sp?) floor, you will find this offers far less friction than carpet, so you ship will be able to travel at much higher speeds.

                  Have fun!


                    good old Limewire should help me out, Think I will save it tell tommorrw when even more bored. I do like a good doco…!
                    Thanks :satisfied :satisfied

                      CookieMonster wrote:
                      Become a trainee pirate.

                      Nice 1 Dude…
                      I off now to get my box. :toxic: :toxic: :toxic:

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