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    i’m a raving lunatic


    becasue i love miss kittens album electroclash and i was listening to it when i registered on here.


    Because im a titch :hiding:


    about once a yr i turn into my alter ego which is this little dark pixie called pandemonium.
    usually results in a trip to the psyciatric hospital:cloud9:


    I used to play a lot of computer games, like Quake III and UT2K4. On team games, I’d go for the high scores so much that sometimes I ended up fragging my teamates, just for the points. The rest of the team started calling me Judas, but saying it like the sound effect on the game, “Worms”, where the Jamaican guy goes, “Jooooooodaas!!!”.

    Since then, I just started using it for everything.

    born to party
    General Lighting wrote:
    always wondered what makes people choose their screen names…

    A couple of years ago – I was helping some people sort out the power in a large building they were in – to do this you have to identify and trace the distribution boards (fuse boxes) and their sub circuits (what they connect to). in large premises there are a lot of them, so its useful to make notes when doing this..

    Anyway I’d written down on a sheet of paper

    A/RYB1 – 6A – General Lighting

    This is an electricians term for the house lights of any building – and usually the first circuit you check as it doesn’t use a lot of current and won’t make such a big “bang!” if its short-circuited (plus it means you can see what you are doing)

    Anyway I thought it would make a good screen name as I try to “shine a light” on things when issues are being discussed and provide reliable facts and advice. (It also means if nosey people google my screenname they get a load of info about lamps and other ‘leccy stuff rather than anything that would give me away too much ๐Ÿ˜€ )

    Its sometimes mis-spelt as “lightning” – easily done I suppose, and a previous avatar I used (the electric hazard symbol) increased this confusion; but sparks and flashes are something I usually try to avoid (they mean short circuits and other hazards!)

    but what made you think of yours?

    Back in 1991 when we used to get fucked up at raves every weekend and my head was mashed maybe 70% of the time and i was 21 years old……i had a tattoo of a smiley face on my upper left arm with the words….Born to party underneath. its still there to this day. Cant bring myself to cover it over so it will remain there till the day i die!


    Mine’s mine cuz I can’t remember anything else, and it’s my name :weee:
    Plus then I’ll never forget what it is or how to spell it, I don’t talk much so that almost happened once :confused:

    Techno Viking

    I’d like to hear how assmaster3000 got his nick, it’s bound to be entertaining!? ๐Ÿ™‚

    DJ Khemica

    My screen name on here is my DJ name. I usually use it for registering on these kinda sites.

    When I started out DJ-ing, I didn’t have a DJ name. Someone asked me ‘what is your DJ name?. Is it DJ Mikka or something?’. I said I didn’t actually have one at that time, so, when I did come to choose one, I wanted something similar to what my friend had guessed.

    I came up with Khemica. Spelt with a C or a K. Chemical without the L. I think because I only ever do chemical drugs, pills and powder’s. And if you re-arrange the letter’s of khemica, Its sorta spells my real name. My real name is Michaela but I mostly get called Mickie.


    I’m Kalishnikov because…….I like the whole feeling of anonymity, It makes me feel safe :bigsmile: I was trying to think up of a new name an’ I wanted to call myself Kalashnikov (after the rifle) but I was having a Dyslexic day so ended up spelling it Kalishnikov only realising a bit later on that I’d spelt it wrong so instead of changing it it stays with me :cloud9:


    mixup of parts of teh names of my children

    didnt have much more pahantasy


    peanan was my nickname after a shrooming good day and later that night on tv some one changed the name by d-pole to have a lord in front, he said he always got first calss for free and got given loads of credit and free things so we decided it would be lord peanan.


    alex is my 1st name, and Rising is something im considering tagging on to make my dj name… what d’ya think, Cheesy?


    Coz it’s my Dj name and I got that because at one point I could get trips all the time for about 6 months and one of my mates said to me that I was the veritable acidfairy….

    Seeing as I play acidtechno i decided that i would use it as my Dj name… not very interesting but that’s how it came about…


    My flatmate introduced me to her friends, and quickly found that i ewas quite the novelty bein a northerner.

    after gettin me to through the glass, bath, path etc we came across budgie n they loved the way i said it..

    its been my name ever since..i don’t think they no my real name any more

    :bitter: …:razz: …:laugh_at:

    which was nice :bounce_m:

    no case

    [ATTACH]327[/ATTACH]cos my computer is caseless ๐Ÿ™‚


    cause my name is david and wen a joined it was 2005…:( you change it? lol


    I think my username is pretty much self-explanatory! As there seems 2 be no known cure for this condition, thawt i may as well use it as my screen name! ๐Ÿ˜Ž


    Born in sin , lives happily in sin, do I need to tell you more?


    well cos its only 1 letter out from my real name…can you guess which one:idea:


    my screen name is my real name! i remain clean and neat so i use my real name only as my nick and screen name! voila… lte’s dance :horay: move your hands up, jump on your feet and sing… O lalalalala

    alexrising wrote:
    alex is my 1st name, and Rising is something im considering tagging on to make my dj name… what d’ya think, Cheesy?

    nto at all, mate, think its spot on. doesnt sound too contrived.

    there was some bloke i saw mixing dnb who called himself dj darkside. i was like, get over yourself mate! he wasnt even that dark in his selection, and was hardly a decent dj.

    mate of mine calls himself “jonnie version” i recon that was one of the best ive heard in a while….


    I hijacked (stole is not a pretty word!) the phrase from a Biffy Clyro song. I think the phrase is really desciptive of my highs and lows- the glitter! the trauma! I use it for most things including my blog. Other names I have used include ‘electric love” which is my email addy and I just thought it was a really pretty word combination until some people with minds in the gutter began pointing out the ruder connotation…so I think I’ll stick to this one now! x


    hmm…never really thaught about it all that much till just now. well, i guess the reason i picked my username is just because O-zones my fav band and all, and right next to their song DDT, Numai Tu is pretty awesome to. that and the fact that iam 18. :horay:


    this is my screen name and my normal name ๐Ÿ’ก cose it wouldent aceppt my username wat im called on other websits and that is danielle :bounce_m: and why u ask well my boyfreind is daniel and i thout that it would be easy not to forget it if i named myself that all abit headspin wheellie bin ide say :horay: i also live in sitt and regalley do go to the partys in and around thanet area so if u think u no me give me a chat bye bye:group_hug

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